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Hello! I am a recent PR grad of the University of Florida. I now live and work full-time in the heart of the Gator Nation AKA Gainesville, Florida! I help renters find the perfect apartment for their lifestyle and budget in the Gainesville area with my company, Swamp Rentals. I've always been a born and raised Florida girl, but there's nothing quite like the springs and beauty of North Florida. Come to me for all things Gainesville!


Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
Enjoys: traveling, exploring, shopping, writing, trying out new restaurants
Website(s): www.swamprentals.com

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Gainesville, FL

Gainesville: classic & timeless, young & eclectic - 1/27/2017
Gainesville, FL is such a unique, one of kind city. You have the University of Florida, a central hub for student life, community jobs, research, events, sports and much more. You also have the rapidly growing areas of town: Archer Road, Downtown, the NW side of Gainesville, and more. They are all developing with new restaurants, entertainment establishments, and places to live. The beautiful thing about Gainesville, is that you never know what you'll get. Tradition rings strong in town with holiday celebrations, parades, classic restaurants like the Sandwich Inn and Burrito Brothers, and plenty unique events. Yet, there are always new things to do popping up whether it is a new concert, a food truck rally, a brewery, a farmer's market, yoga in the park, or anything else! In Gainesville, the world truly is your Oyster. Check it out!

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