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Dallas, TX

WARNING: Think Twice Before Moving to Dallas - 11/24/2018
I was born and raised in Chicago and lived in San Francisco for about a decade when I found myself watching too many HGTV shows and seeing low-priced, brand-new houses with granite countertops, spacious master bedrooms, and walk-in closets. I grew up in a cramped townhouse in Chicago and as an adult in an even crampier apartment in San Francisco. When I had a job opportunity in Dallas, I dreamed of being able to do laundry in my home instead of carrying it over to the laundromat. I dreamed of being able to put my dishes in the dishwasher instead of having to hand wash my dishes because a dishwasher in a San Francisco apartment is rare indeed. I dreamed of having a car and a garage and ditching public transport. I was excited and ready to go. Flash forward two years later and I regret leaving my tiny, cramped San Francisco apartment. Yes, I got all the things HGTV made me dream of. But it could not stop the feeling of emptiness that overcame me when I moved to Dallas. Most people here spend their free time consuming; you can find them either at one of the many malls here or at one of the many restaurants located in the many soulless strip malls around town. Charm and character are hard to find in this city; in fact I've been searching for it for these two years and have come up with a few blocks in Deep Ellum and a few blocks in the Bishop Arts District and that's it. If you enjoy long walks exploring the town, you'll be disappointed because sidewalks either don't exist or are extremely narrow and in really bad shape. If you enjoy people watching, you won't find that here either. Museums are lacking as are the performing arts. So while you might find housing cheaper here if you're not careful you'll find yourself spending all that extra money trying to fill the void in your heart, that emptiness that comes from being in a town that lacks true life and culture. I have a beautiful home and a brand new car and if I could, I would give it all back just to be in my small apartment in San Francisco. I've made my bed so I must lie in it, but you dear reader, you still have a choice. Think twice about what you really want and what is really important in life. Hint: It is not material things.

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