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El Paso, TX

Medio/ Medio is El Paso. - 11/16/2020
El Paso is tough during the lockdowns, but then too is the situation everywhere these days. At least the Winter weather is good.

El Paso, TX

EL Yucko, Tx
- 11/16/2020
I have lived in both El Paso and in Portland, Salem, and Seattle. All these cities are now in decline, as is the case in both all of Mexico and all of the US. El Paso can be an escape from the Pacific Northwest, and that region can itself be an escape from here. Definitely though, E Paso is more boring, unless one can escape at times some to farther South, or farther into the US where there is some rain and greenery.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has a stultifying cultural scene - 8/26/2015
CS is in a very beautiful natural setting but the lack of any progressive vision here has created a small and alienating downtown, a decaying historical section, and some of the most depressing newer neighborhoods imaginable. The architecture can actually hurt the eyes and the real estate industry gets away with murder in Colorado as a whole, and CS in particular. Sad to see Nature being so desecrated by trashy and poorly designed development everywhere.

It is boring here and my kid hated the schools here after being very happy from the schools in the Texas city we moved from. Here, the military and Right Wing churches run everything, and only have the most meager and impotent centrist opposition. Faux liberalism in this area only reaches to about 30% of the population,and all of it is centered on only 2 issues, the Gay issue and the Legalizing marijuana issue. That's about it in a nutshell.

The conservatives seem happy with flag waving, the local government hounding the homeless population, rote and mediocre education for the alienated kids, and playing with their toys (motorcycles, big SUVs and pickups, and power equipment of any kind).

Military aircraft are always overhead, and you will be the rist Americans turned to toast, if we have a worldwide nuclear war break out, because NORAD is located here, along with multiple air force and army bases.

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