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Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE

Its gonna be great - 3/21/2020
The Next Big Thing, among US cities if the Government gets it right and keeps progressing!! Its a great place to be and can become even more greater very soon!!

Omaha, NE

Terrible city to live in
- 3/21/2020
This is crazy! Corruption aside which happens in every city around the World, the picture this guy is painting here is like crazy, Omaha is pretty safe, and stable. You must be stuck in the absolute worst place in the city to feel that way. Omaha is nicer, and safer than many many cities in the US! This guy seems to be the old fashioned kind of guy who hates to see growth and more people come to the city and so he is talking a lot of BS here! I am a young, educated, Asian immigrant that came to Omaha and its not bad at all! It'll be even better with time!!

Omaha, NE

The Big O! - 3/21/2020
I have lived here for a few years and I like it. I am Asian and moved here, immediately I realized there are tons of restuarants, a good walkable downtown, not crazy traffic, and thats better than many many places I've lived in the country. Omaha is growing and keeps expanding, making new constructions, shopping areas etc., they need to fix the roads, then it'll be a more charming place! The city should aim to bring in more big businesses to the city and keep working on new modern nightlife, eat, play, shop kinda places, and be an overall more dynamic & more vibrant city. Keep on growing and never stop big O!

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