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Kentucky, KY

Kentucky my point of view from experience - 11/9/2015
I have lived in the following counties: Jefferson, Fayette, Grayson, Hardin, Daviess, Warren, Taylor, Adair, Pulaski. Here are the pros and cons from experience.
Jefferson lots of jobs and new businesses, professional but not that personal, lots of activities. School quality depends on neighborhood. High violent crime and outrageous utility rates and insurance premiums.
Fayette similar to Jefferson but with lower utility rates and slightly lower insurance rates.
Grayson is the best of both the big city/small town worlds. The people are nice, professional, friendly but not nosey, helpful, schools are better than average, low crime and well located.
Hardin is a poor, overtaxed county that politics, gossip, some crime is normal. Schools are about average. Locals are rude and not helpful.
Daviess is a decent place with good schools both public and private. Crime is low and utilities are about average. They have interesting activities. Housing costs are lower here.
Warren is similar to Daviess but with more jobs, a few more people, locals are professional, helpful and somewhat friendly. Schools are generally good. Crime is low.
Taylor is a low crime, somewhat friendly and helpful locale with good schools, reasonable housing and utilities rates with some jobs.
Adair is a poor, less friendly, politically charged county with a tiny middle class, a few rich people but most people are poor. Crime is kind of high for the population. Most people are judgemental snobby jerks therefore not helpful especially for people who are from out of town, or does not conform to the stereotypical norms or they just don't like. They would rather call the law on you than ask if you needed help. Also, there few if any employment opportunities here. Most people work out of county. The schools are lousey.
Pulaski is a low crime, friendly, helpful, open minded place with good schools and reasonable housing and utilities costs with activities for the whole family. Jobs are generally available although finding high paying jobs without an advanced degree is more difficult.

I have travelled a lot of places.

Hart Co. I didn't care for it. People were too nosey and gossipy for my tastes and seemed to enjoy hassling me.
Johnson Co. It was a pleasant place. People were helpful and polite.
Green Co. It was a mixed experience. Some people were helpful and polite. Some people were nosey, gossipy and belligerent.
Casey Co. It is ok. People are polite and helpful. Main decent p

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