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Orland Park, IL

Thinking Orland Park? Consider this. - 8/30/2021
My family and I have been living in Orland Park for 7 years. Orland Park is a mostly conservative suburb in the Chicagoland area. The mayor does a good job in trying to separate Orland Park from the corrupt Chicago and IL politics. However, cost of living is high due to the ridiculously high property taxes and 10% crook county sales tax (thanks to Chicago and IL political corruption). A family would need to make approx. $60k min to live in this area.

Winters are ridiculously cold due to high humidity. The nice thing is that it rains more than it snows. Ice storms do occur and that makes the roads super icy. However, when it snows, expect it sticking for about a good month. The snow does not melt because it is bitterly cold.

Positives: Family oriented, mildly conservative
Negatives: Chicago and IL corrupt politics. high taxes, high cost of living

Chicago, IL

Considering a move to Chicago? Read this.... - 5/14/2020
We moved here from Colorado back in 2013 and want to move out ASAP. This is definitely not the place to live and raise a family. I have five facts that must be considered before moving to the Chicago area. 1. You must accept that if you plan on buying a house (i.e. avg $250000 - $300000) you will pay approx $7000 - $10000 in property taxes minimum (I say minimum because there are homeowners here (that have a house around that value) who pay more). 2. You must accept you will pay the highest sales taxes in the nation (i.e. sales tax is up to 11% in most areas). 3. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest gasoline tax in the nation and how it is .38c per gallon (i.e. it is a progressive tax so each year it will raise). 4. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest auto registration fees in the nation (i.e. $151 per passenger vehicle). 5. Chicago politics run the state.

Chicago is great if you do not mind the five facts I explained. Granted, there are things to do downtown but if you live near any city, you can find stuff to do. That is a given no matter which city you live in/near. I did not even get into the other dirty political facts about this state. You will have to do your own research and decide if this is the place you want to settle down in. Think and choose wisely.

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