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Omaha, NE

re: Plenty of Employment Opportunities
- 1/2/2018
My review continued since they dont allow u to edit your own comments. I have read others say well u get paid less, And pay more for rent and food. I make $12/hr as Aide at one of the Highschools, the minimum wage is 9 or 10. I have one job, I support myself just fine with two kids. I do know others that do have two jobs, but talking to them, they have two jobs so they can have extras. Like buy a brand new car instead of used, or take a vaction, or live in a more expensive apartment with amenities. You’ll do fine with one income if u know how to live within your means, this is true of anyplace u live.
I find that rents are median and fit within its small town/Big town persona, compared to places like LA, San Diego, Boston and NYC rent and food prices are comparatively cheap. Plus there is NO Sales Tax on food only on Restaurants meals and non-food items are taxed. For pple coming from smaller towns its going to seem like its higher on Rent and food, but believe me its truly relative to its size. Which should be expected. You can buy a 3bedroom 2 bath house that is in good shape for about 125,000, compared to other cities same size and larger, then rents are comparatively cheaper. I rent a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment w 1garage, for 680 a month. There are some places cost more, some cost less. Depends on what amenities your looking for. Do I wish i paid less rent, sure I do, but I wouldnt call it more expensive, who wouldnt want to pay less and have more. Omaha is a city, not a smalltown, with city pricing. But its not as big as NYC , L.A, or S.Francisco, so its by comparison cheaper C.O.L.
I agree there is not much to do in Omaha, no big sports teams, no big amusement parks, but there is an airport, which services most major airlines. Omaha is pretty boring on that note, with most pple driving 3 hours to K.C. For big sport teams and worlds of fun, but pple do try to have things to do here, like Vala’s Pumpkin patch or Septemberfest, Home shows and Car shows, etc..... this is where Omaha is more like a smalltown, with smalltown type fun.
The people are not rude as a whole. Omaha is a very diverse city, we have pple from every culture here (Mexicans and other Spanish, Asian, Blacks, Africans, Muslims, Jews, East Indians and Natives and of couse whites, all live, work and play together) and the majority of people are nice and Open about pple of different cultures. Very little racism here, but there is some,however compared to a smalltown way less racism.
Try not to judge Omaha by one persons bad experience.
I do find Omaha drivers however to be rude on the roads. When it comes to driving be prepared for A-holes, but yet if you meet that person elsewhere in-person, they are as nice as they can be. But road rage I could see being an issue here.
Also roads are an issue in omaha, pothole city , but in neighboring communuities like Bellevue not that much of an issue. Also Bellevue has cheaper rents, since its actually in a different county than Omaha, but adjacent to Omaha, which is convenient.
As whole Omaha gets a 4, but a 3 for Air quality.

Omaha, NE

Plenty of Employment Opportunities - 1/1/2018
I live in Bellevue a suburb of Omaha and have been here for 12 years. Omaha really is a job mecca if u need one. Dont be fooled by any homeless you may see, jobs are plentiful.
Crime rates depend on where you live, literally. If u live in Bellevue, Elkhorn, midtown Omaha or Gretna you probably wont see much crime. If u live in North O, there is a lot of violent crime, if you live in West O, with the more wealthy you see more property crime. If u live in South O, you see more tagging and Vandalism. So Literally crime type depends on where you live.
I give Omaha 4stars for the weather, winters are harsh, with temps sometimes staying below freezing for several weeks straight. Summers better but because of the mold of corn fields in the fall and the abundance of Ragweed, one could see an increase in Allergy symptons in the fall. A couple of my kids and I, did not have Asthma until we moved here. We had mild allergies but now they are severe. Because of this I give them 3stars, if I go too NYC and dont sneeze once but come home and have an Asthma attack, that says a lot of about Air quality, probably due to Corn fields and not smog, still its saying something

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