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Redlands, CA

We are about to move out of Redlands - 2/4/2017
We lived here for 28 years. I am 28 years old. My father has lived her longer than me.

My apartment complex just 10 years ago was diverse and mostly white. TODAY, there is maybe 1 or 2 out of the 100 homes in our apartment complex that are not latino. It's now all latino in a neighborhood predominantly white and diverse just 10 years ago. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I have nothing against latinos and get along just fine and is buddies with alot of them. I'm just mentioning how quick Redlands flipped ethnic demographics in my area. If you are latino this may be good news for you, if you are racist then Redlands may not be for you. I personally get along with latinos and I personally don't plan on having kids cause I don't care about putting more people of my race here.

As far as costs of living. I've done my research. Most of the apartments in Redlands are around 1350 a month for 2 bedroom. Which to me is expensive. I found numerous apartments in nearby Highland for 800 dollars or 900 dollars for 2 bed rooms, but I do admit those apartments are in a much worse neighborhood and quite scummy area near San Bernardino. now compare this costs of living to west memphis tennessee which is 200 a month for living in an apartment. I would move out there in a heart beat if it were not for my family who wants to stay living in the inland empire. For me and my class a license, I have easy time finding work where ever i go, so moving out there wouldn't be a thing i am afraid of.

As far as pollution Redlands air pollution isn't that bad compared to most places in So Cal. was a 48 states trucker for over a year, then I was a local trucker for 8 months with Ruan. So I got to drive through So Cal more times than many people would in their entire lives who lived here all their lives. Worst polluted areas is Long Beach and South Central La. San Diego is nice clean air, up north hollywood cities like santa monica, glendale, pasadena, have nicer air quality. Redlands air quality though isn't as good as near by yucaipa which is up higher elevation over the crafton hills away from the rest of the inland empire pollution. of course the air quality isn't nearly as good as living in the nearby mountains. but redlands has much better air than long beach or south central la areas.

as far as traffic, yeah it can be bad during the rush hours in the mornings and evenings. It still is not nearly as bad as the traffic in south central la or long beach areas. down there the traffic is just insane most of the day.

as far as jobs here. there is lots of competition for even basic mcdonalds jobs. however. I have a class a driver's license there for i have a easier time finding work cause not alot of people can drive a truck as good as me with my clean record doing it, plus trucking is high demand. so i can find work at will. currently taking a break from working though. i normally have to commute to rialto or fontana or colton areas for the trucking jobs though.

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