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Louisville, KY

Louisville is Great: If You Have Never Le - 10/18/2018
Lou-Evil would be better called by a more appropriate name such as Lou-Billy a reference to the uneducated Billy Bob population of the city and most surrounding areas. The thing I've readily noticed about Louisville is whereas most cities have professional people mostly good and bad who act at least remotely professional and try to be intelligent. Even those who are scoundrels at least try the part.

What you will find in Louisville is people who act like emmmm might I say rednecks in suits and dresses. You will also run into people that for some reason are in positions of authority in hiring and other business decisions who have serious problems spelling and writing somewhat coherently. Not only that but they lack basic professional courtesies and skills that one would at least find reasonably attractive out of those claiming to be in business or professional pursuits.

Even worse, is the basic education level of the average Louisvillian in that a sizable majority of the population that works and lives in Louisville obviously has never really been to other cities or urban areas outside of maybe Lexington and perhaps Cincinnati to take in a cultural event. Possibly even Indianapolis is watch NFL football.

The educational system in the Jefferson County Public Schools are truly frightening when only about 54 percent of 12th graders can read and write at a 12th grade level of proficiency. I was reading at a 12th grade level in my rural Indiana school district when I was in 7th and 8th grade. That doesn't say much for the Louisville educational system which is horrendous. Another reason why even some so called professionals and even those in writing and news gathering have problems understanding basic concepts and even basic English grammar and spelling.

The entire Possibility City mantra that the Greater Louisville Inc and the city promoted from 2006 or so until present is highly laughable. Louisville should be referred correctly as Possum Billy City due to the mentality of the local population.

Wages and incomes are about 30 percent below other neighboring metro areas for similar jobs. The lower cost of living is often stated but I've found that to be pure nonsense here in Central Indiana which has a similar cost of living to Louisville but generally wages are 25 percent higher here than Louisville. Same goes for the economically depressed Commonwealth of Kentucky outside of Louisville which has its own issues. Which is why Louisville ends up being the end all be all of Kentucky society where people escape their small towns yet remain provincial and not very astute when it comes to the outside world compared to the Kentucky plantation mentality.

I lived in Louisville for five years and I saw the most mind numbing and mind blowing stupidity on a daily basis not only the streets and roadways of Louisville with the poorly maintained streets and infrastructure but the horrid drivers. Its as if Kentucky gave out drivers licenses out of a cracker jack box. Wrecks everywhere, people not understanding rules of the road, when it rained it became extra dangerous and little common sense. Not to mention all of the dinged up and beaten down cars in Louisville because the average Louisville resident can't drive to save their lives. Even if you threw a cup of ice on a Louisville roadway someone would end up having a wreck.

The quality of craftmanship in Louisville is highly suspect as well as the quality of work. Expect to pay through the nose when it comes to technical, professional and tradesman work including A/C, Plumbing, Restoration and Construction. All the while done at a terrible level of quality. It reminds me of an apartment I lived in the city where the local yokels decided that the drain for the sink wasn't to be put at an incline to drain away the water and soap from doing dishes. So instead it would get clogged up and finally you had to fix it yourself. Same goes for quality of work in manufacturing facilities and basic common sense that would get you fired anywhere else if you couldn't do something to satisfaction. Anywhere else, such substandard work would mean you were hitting the bricks in search of a new job or ending up shoveling ditches or cow manure.

Another hilarious thing was visiting retail stores in Louisville and the best thing was the idiocy of the employees that had to fix a bathroom stall. Instead of putting the fixture for the lock facing where the door was to be shut and locked, the local idiot put it on totally backward so they door couldn't be shut and locked. That's the type of mentality that people have in much of Kentucky. Give them a wrench and many of them would look at you and try to tell you its a hammer. It reminds me of when I worked in manufacturing production to have idiots try to beat a frozen bolt due to some moron gluing it using JB Weld and then to loosen it from a machine by beating on it when one could grab a pair of vise grips and turn the head to remove the bolt. That's in a nutshell the Kentucky mentality that many of the good old boys have.

They simply aren't much on thinking for a living or thinking with a way to improve their lot even in sectors like the trades and manufacturing which is essential to the well being of any nation. Instead, you'll see things in Kentucky like building a factory a place that regularly floods and they have a better building across the city but refuse to use it and instead use the place that floods. After which they will have the employees take squeegees out to push the water out of the facility only to flood as it keeps raining. That's the Kentucky mentality in a nutshell.

Same type of mentality goes with vehicle maintenance and repairs and people not having enough common sense to understand how to repair vehicles with basic equipment including wrenches, sockets, electric tools and much else. It's actually quite pathetic to watch these people work on things. One winter we had a local woman who had no idea why her car wouldn't start. Well she left the radio on and the ignition turned on.

So when I had to help her and a 60 something year old that was helping her they had no idea how to jump start the car even with a pair of jumper cables and a truck to jump start the car. No idea where the positive and negative terminals were in the vehicle since the battery was not available to be jumped directly due to it being near the wheel well.

After pulling out a flashlight and looking for a minute, it was readily apparent to where the positive and negative terminals were on the car. I would expect such out of a 16 year old boy or 18 year old girl not out of people in their 30 year old range and someone 60 plus. This type of ignorance is a cultural thing in the Louisville region. Ignorance of other cultures, nations, society, social events, news, etc. Just totally ignorant about so many things.

Louisville could be a really great city with proper management, education and giving the natives some common sense and culture. However, its the Louisville mentality to just do enough to get by to do a half rear end job and act as if mediocrity and laziness should be rewarded. Anyway, I really liked your commentary but its quite late so I'll save any further comments for a future posting. Stay away from Louisville because it seems as if common sense and basic mental processes are frowned up because people might have to think instead of acting as fools.

Louisville, KY

Louisville Should Be Properly Called Lou-Evil - 10/18/2018
Former Louisville resident lived in East End and South End over a several year period.

Lou-evil isn't much of a city when it comes for quality of life issues much less economic issues. You're better off to have moved to Dayton which has its own set of problems just like its neighbor Springfield. That being said, if I had a choice from living in Dayton-Springfield and environs versus moving to Lou-Evil I would happily move to Ohio in a heartbeat compared to the diseased backwoods that is called Louisville, Kentucky.

I've never seen a place so devoid of people with no common sense, an inability to interact socially and with so much pretentiousness and narcissism. It's quite a pathetic and sad scene. I lived in Louisville for five years after a job transfer moved me there because my previous employment was ending due to economic pressures. It's probably the most redneck/white trash large city in the country with the mentality and inability to process common sense things to boot.

It's funny that you mention Louisville not being very good drivers and I can say after living there five years and being hit by idiots behind the wheel they are some of the worst drivers I've ever seen and I've been to 40 out of the 50 states. Even worse is that every morning when its rush hour there are already several accidents already in progress to block up everything on the Interstates like 65, 264, 64 and 71 not to mention major corridors like Dixie Highway better known as Dixie Dieway because of the number of accidents and deaths.

As a cyclist, they try to promote Loubilly as being a cyclists dream with bike lanes. However, its actually a death trap to be riding around Louisville on bikes on congested side roads and heavily traveled 2 lane roads which aren't built for sharing. It's actually seriously gambling with your life due to the poor road construction and quality of the roads. Also the fact that their bike lanes are on congested and narrow roads where there isn't a lot of leeway between cars and the bike lanes. Its asking for trouble and despite all of their talk the only way Loubilly will be a cycling city is by widening roads and building proper bike paths to keep the cyclists of the roads with the massively ignorant driving public in Louisville.

Friendly in Louisville? Now that's the funniest thing I've seen about Louisville commonly which should be called Lou Billy or Possum Billy City a take of Possibility City which Louisville tried to brand itself as. We did the entire trying to involve ourselves into churches, community organizations, friendly groups, etc and I've never seen a place that is the size of Louisville aka Loubilly that is as a closed society.

Strangely enough, people in Louisville act a lot like those in eastern areas of the US that tend to be somewhat closed to outsiders as if you're going to get one over on them. Or you're actually a threat to their little cliques and personal biases because you bring an outside perspective. The laughable thing about Louisville is this idea that its such a friendly place and everyone is so welcoming. Totally laughable, its as if these people haven't been taught basic common sense, basic decency, values, morals and being decent to your fellow humans.

Even more disgusting is the habits of the Louisville population that its one of the more dirty cities around this part of the country minus some urban ghetto areas that obviously no one cares about cleaning up. The roadsides around Louisville look like someone emptied out the trash from their vehicles and people regularly leave their cigarette butts in parking lots, roadsides, major intersections and no one bothers to clean it up. Even better is Louisville's obvious urban dumping problem where everyone thinks its perfectly ok to leave their trash everywhere including at the parks and festivals instead of disposing of such rubbish in trash cans provided by the city and festival organizers. Thunder Over Louisville is a big cause of this type of white trash behavior and lack of people picking up after themselves. The same could be said for various music festivals and community events.

The next laughable thing is that the fathers of Louisville running the city make sure from March 15th until May the 5th or so to have the city cleaned up along the thoroughfares and roadways because of the public nature of the Kentucky Derby and its various festivals. Even better is that they go gung ho about cleaning up the city in March, April and May. All the while the streets are filled with food wrappers, plastic cups, beer cans and bottles and trash just about everywhere for the other 9 months of the year. One year when Muhammad Ali a Louisville native passed away they had to organize a massive cleanup of the city within a few days because it was June and the city already looked trashy which would have looked bad on the national TV news programs covering his funeral.

Job wise in Louisville is also laughable because be prepared to get paid about 30 percent below the market rate for a job in any other comparably priced US city like Indianapolis, Columbus, Dayton, St. Louis, Nashville, Cincy or just about anywhere else that doesn't have a high cost of living say Boston, NYC, DC, SF, LA, etc. Louisville employers aren't really interested in getting educated and intelligent employees based on qualifications and experience. Its more about who you know or who you are related to in your chosen field. In my opinion in many cases a big waste of time and resources applying for jobs that are promoted out on the Internet or even internally because they are filled by sycophants and yes men. Not because the qualifications are actually investigated. Another laughable thing is that Louisville employers will often take someone who is experienced and educated and then try to put them in a low wage position that should be filled by an entry level employee without the intelligence and experience that exists in the more professional employee. So if you're a business professional, technical guru or someone highly educated because your family and life dictated that education and values were important stay away from Louisville.

Louisville is the type of community that likes to talk big about their economy, jobs and overall quality of life. But the truth is that the quality of life in Louisville is far below what you would find in suburban America especially in the northern states and even a few Southern locations. Lou-Evil is the type of city that talks big and delivers very little. From the fact that the schools in Louisville are far below the quality of neighboring states especially from the North makes you want to better the educational level for your children elsewhere. You're doing them a major disservice by sending them to most schools in Louisville. Especially when the latest JCPS school district stats in Louisville is that only 54 percent of 12th graders can read and write at a 12th grade level of proficiency. Even worse is that in Louisville as well as the Commonwealth of Kentucky the schools are even worse at teaching math and science to the point that even 8th graders are only proficient at grade level around 35 to 40 percent both for math and science. This is common not only in the schools of Louisville but also across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Let's also point out that Kentucky ranks 41st in the country in general K to 12 education as well as 47th in educational attainment which means that education and even post-secondary education is not valued past high school. Not that it is all that valued by most parents in elementary, middle and high school either. Which is why Kentucky as a state is one of the 4 poorest states in the country and has been since 1939. In fact, Kentucky has been 44th or lower in personal income as a state per person since 1939. In 2018, they are currently 47th in personal income, 47th in family income and 47th in median income. The only states that are worse than Kentucky are West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi when it comes to education and incomes.

Add in the fact that Kentucky is also ranked regularly as the worst ran state in the country when it comes to governance and government operation. One of the worst when it comes to government corruption and public officials involved in corrupt practices. Not to mention a burgeoning criminal class in Kentucky where the crime rate is skyrocketing and the prison population is skyrocketing as well and its not just drug issues like the rest of the country.

Let's also examine that Kentucky ranks highly in elder abuse, animal abuse and child abuse being if not the worst state in all three categories regularly in the top 4 or 5 states in these sordid categories.

The statistics are out there for public consumption. All one has to do is look up various Kentucky statistics and see what a true mess the Commonwealth of Kentucky truly is. Not to mention that Louisville for being a mid sized US metro area is about 25 percent below on the wage scale and has massive problems with chronic homelessness and poverty issues even exceeding many other US metro areas. This isn't temporary poverty caused by a temporary job loss of which someone gets a new job in a few months. Instead, its pervasive that this poverty exists in Louisville because of the massive numbers of low wage jobs that exist in a city that always talks about being a rising metro area. It's so laughable but don't be like the zombies of Kentucky and Louisville and do your research,

I could comment more on these various issues but the time is late after midnight and I have to earn a living tomorrow in my more Northernly location because Louisville is someplace that anyone with any common sense and quality of life standards should totally avoid. So try out other neighboring cities and especially their suburbs.

Even cities like Atlanta with crime and traffic problems have long passed up Louisville. The same goes for cities like Nashville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati suburbs, Columbus, Charlotte, etc. Louisville isn't the end all be all of society.

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