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Windber, PA

re: re: - 11/28/2009
- 10/5/2011
Broomfield, Colorado, what a wonderful place to call home. We lived in Aurora for 15 years and my wife is a native of Englewood. We had a small company in Denver with sales associates in 14 western states. If it had not been for a health problem, we would still be living there. The community is a bit on the Liberal side and a bit demanding to home-owners, but still a nice place to call home. Ray Morgan

Windber, PA

re: Windber - 2/4/2009
- 10/5/2011
I too was raised in Windber and have since lived in or visited many different countries and all of the states. To this day we stay in touch with friends living in Japan, England, Morocco, Spain, Germany and Hong Kong. The golden thread that guides many of our lives is the community that tolerated us during our formalulative years. This is tied to dedication of educators, pastors, neighbors and friends. Negativity toward your home town while you are still living there is much like shoveling the driveway before is has stopped snowing. If one is unhappy,the opportunity exists to find your niche in the world, crawl inside and pull the veneer over your very being. There are those in Windber who have broken my heart, but that is their problem and it will not color my appreciation for thos Saints who guided me along the way.

Windber, PA

A Wise Old Man From Windber - 10/3/2011
A wise old man from Windber,
Had a story he did tell.
Of life, and love and other things,
He made one feel just swell.

As you look around our little town,
Family and friends you will see.
Today they smile and shake your hand,
And share your life with glee.

What happens when you move away,
To places far from home.
Will you still be in their thoughts and hearts?
Or will you be alone?

Our time on earth is very short,
Only God knows when it ends.
Will you be a lost and lonely soul,
Or truly have good friends?

Riches to man are important things,
We show our diamonds and gold.
But are they truly what you want,
When you are growing old?

What heppens when you pass away,
To share eternal rest?
What value are your riches then?
Do they really pass the test?

When you are gone I pray for you,
This sismple sign of love.
May one person remember who you were,
While you are up above.

At least one day in every year,
May one remember true.
Your smiling face, your special wit,
That God has given you.

This single day in every year,
Is priceless it is true.
Not your jewels or your gold,
They are thinking just of you.

RAYMOND V. MORGAN, WHS Class of 1955

Additional poems and writing available at the Windber Public Library in a book of writing by Raymond V. Morgan.

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