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Bellevue, WA

BELLEVUE IS AWESOME!!!! - 11/4/2019
Bellevue is absolutely amazing! Great for professionals and families! Many amenities in the city itself almost anything you need! Plus Seattle is a short drive from the area, as well! Instead of reading the reviews come visit the city if possible! You won't regret it! It's a beautiful well established and safe city that is still growing and has a strong economy. Rent is pretty high but you pay for the quality of life you get in Bellevue and pay tends to be very high in the area in proportion to the costs. It's a super cool city but if you're looking for a suburban area Bellevue has many itself, but Redmond, Issaquah, and Sammamish are all worth checking out depending on your budget. I totally agree with the person who moved here from Germany! I've seen a lot of the US (not as much as them) and nothing even comes close to Bellevue and the surrounding cities.

Seattle, WA

- 10/28/2019
How is what I'm saying not true? What makes one review true and accurate versus another? I'm acknowledging the problems in Seattle but also letting people know of Seattle's strengths. I'm going based off of my experience and knowledge but also other sites such as GeekWire, U.S. News, WalletHub, etc. that have done lots of research on cities across America. Plus if you look at the main page for Seattle on BestPlaces, the city is highly ranked in numerous categories. I'm going based off of information gathered not just observations and opinions.

Seattle, WA

- 9/21/2019
Those who are disagreeing, would like to hear why?

Seattle, WA

Seattle - 9/15/2019
Before disagreeing, hear me out. Seattle has its fair share of problems but is by no means is dying or suffering. Seattle is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, with large companies opening more and more offices here, startups, and construction unlike anywhere else in the United States. There's so much talent in the Seattle area, with the population just rising. I agree with the comment about east coast cities, I'm from Florida and the east coast vibe is just something else. The crime, especially in the southeast, is far more violent. Many people like to believe Florida is such a great place to live and retire. Crime is far worse than the Seattle area, views are very negative on minorities in a lot of parts of Florida (racism issues still exist), the weather is either pounding rain/thunderstorms or hot and humid weather. Seattle's rain is typically not bad at all it's just a drizzle, besides that the summers are wonderful and the fall/winters are cozy for the most part. Seattle's scenery, amenities, accessibility, and quality of life is better than any city I've been to. Seattle has significantly fewer problems than cities of comparable size, yes it's expensive, but the economy here is booming and it's such a great place to live. There is no "Seattle freeze" Seattleites are the kindest people, yes a lot of people here are reserved, but once you start talking to them they are very easy to talk to. The reservedness often comes from a mixture of different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities that not everyone feels comfortable immediately with someone. I always ask myself how are people in Seattle nicer and more hospitable than Florida where much of the economy runs on tourism. If you move to Seattle, you'll love it everything from the scenery/views to the food, cultures, amenities, and overall atmosphere! I'm not the type to post a review but sadly it feels like a lot of people in Seattle complain about anything and everything and I don't want someone's view of Seattle being perceived negatively because of that. It's a great city and like any city of its size, has its fair share problems. If you're moving to Seattle soon or just moved, Welcome!

The people disagreeing will prove my point about people here complaining a lot. We Seattlites seem to make our city seem worse than it is. Yes, there are problems that need to be addressed by the city and the state and that's why I acknowledged it in my review. Where in the United States do we not have some kind of issue though? I'm just saying Seattle is a beautiful, progressive, and accepting city. People stand up for each other, fight for just causes, bring change to laws/policies, and overall just make the community a better place. I agree with many of the causes Seattleites fight for but causes aside, we put high standards on our city. This is great, but talking bad about our city all the time because not everything goes the way we want it to makes it seem like a horrible place. Truth is that Seattle is better than most cities in the United States, the economy, development, education, pool of talent, amenities, and scenery speak for themselves. If you don't believe me check some sources online for Seattle and the surrounding cities:




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