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Las Vegas, NV

Vegas is no longer fun
- 11/7/2021
What you describe about the doctors in Vegas is very similar to the doctors in Los Angeles, but even worse if you can imagine that....

Los Angeles, CA

Toxic Wasteland - 11/7/2021
If I could give this place negative five stars, I would. Most of the people here are a giant waste of time. They are liars, manipulators, psychopaths, and sociopaths. Steer clear from this motley crew. The place is very boring with little to do. You can expect mediocre food and sub-par everything. No one tries hard no one works hard either. It is the final frontier of western civilization. Downright disgusting, vile, and despicable. The dating scene is abysmal. All of the scenes, in general, are toxic and boring. I am so happy to have made a ton of money and left as soon as I did. I've been worldwide, and I can assure you these are the meanest, nastiest, and laziest people ever! I could not get away from this place fast enough. I do not recommend moving here. If the above doesn't bother you, then the endless homelessness, overpriced cost of living, and utter cluelessness of everyone around you will. The only thing good here is the concerts that take place. There are delusional people all over. They think they are high and mighty and feel they are the moral authority on everything. The huge populace of hypocrites makes this a cesspool of demons.

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