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Harbor Springs, MI | 2 Review(s)

Artist, former Educator, living in Little Traverse Bay area of Michigan.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Arts, Entertainment, and Media


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Reviews & Comments

Petoskey, MI

re: Not a desirable place to live!!! - 3/6/2011
- 10/10/2013
Elizabeth, You are wrong and spreading (did spread, since it is 2 years later than your post) garbage in so many ways here it is pitiful.

Sounds like you have (had) health issues,no insurance for such,(ACA yet?)no water softener,(hey Culligan Man!) do not like being outside ever, and have never walked and driven around the whole area (with open eyes) which has more Arts opportunities than Traverse City just about!

"One Art show all year"? You lie.
Yep, called you a liar. Did it.
Know why? Because you lied.(guess you are a frustrated Artist as well)

There are more art shows here than you can shake a stick at-(and back in 2011 as well!) an award winning Crooked Tree Arts Center which has for over 30 years put forth the highest level of multiple shows a year wothy of any big city museum.
That is just one of many that existed in 2011, and even more today, in 2013.

I think you are(were) spiteful from a bad experience and want(ed) to spread your pain. Since it is years later in 2013, I hope you are feeling better, and have moved out of here to a happier place for you and yours.

Petoskey, MI

Great Place to Retire! - 10/10/2013
Just check out the press of the last year!

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