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Pittsburgh, PA

Ok if you have a decent job to survive. - 1/3/2020
I grew up here and I left for a few decades and returned. Do not move here unless you have a job lined up and you expect it to be stable. Finding even a low paying job that you can live on ( kinda) is no easy feat. Many I know with experience and college degrees are fighting fit the scapes. Sorry it’s true. Thankfully my husband is close to retirement and we are good. But my advice to anyone just starting out. Don’t come here. Unless you know someone. So many people I know can’t even get an interview at a hotel or Upmc which pays around 9-12 hour. Which are the better jobs for this city. And if you buy a home be very careful where, we have some very bad areas very close to million dollar homes. It’s home to us and we are ok but there are days I wish we could move. Especially when the air pollution is so bad you end up with an asthma attack, yes even in our very nice upper class suburb.
Housing is going up too. Our crime is going down after 20 years we hit a new low for murders. Which is good. You prolly won’t gave to worry unless you hang out with the wrong people but other crimes have gone way way up.
If you make good money then your enjoy the nightlife and a nice part of the area. Just be sure your job is secure.
So many jobs are who you know and office politics are the rule rather than the exception.

Albany, GA

Stay away! - 4/2/2019
I lived here from 1995 to 1999 and it was the most backwards, racist and soul drowning place one could ever hope to live. The churches are rude to you if your not from the south. They wonder why you moved there. People are suspicious of you. The meanest were the church ladies who excluded you and your children. I was also conservative ( now I’m a moderate) and white. The area has beauty and charm, yes. But a lot of crime. We lived in the NE around the golf course so we had little crime but if you left your home you were surrounded by crime. Lots of it too. The mall was carpeted. Why is beyond me. It was the only shopping center in the entire area. We often drove to Atlanta or fla to shop. If your from the north, please consider this, they are still angry over the war.

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