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North Dakota, ND

Great City if you love low crime and lots of work - 6/29/2023
I have lived in Bismarck for most of my life and I really do enjoy it. It does have its pitfalls being it does have very extremes when it comes to weather. Much of the activities that people are going to do are reliant on the green outdoors including going to the river or fishing or hunting along with bonfires or having a fire outside in your yard. There aren't a lot of places to go for activities like clubs and the like. When it comes to kids there's a lot of water type things for them to do during the summer but for the most part it's the same thing it's reliant on having kids go play golf or frisbee golf or any summer sports. North Dakota definitely has a different perspective when it comes to things to do. A lot of people say it's boring but the reality is it's a place where you have to be active if you want to have things to do and what I mean by that is physically active. Which is something that is happening less and less.

Some people do complain that the crime has went up a little bit but overall when you look at the numbers it's actually one of the lowest crime cities in the United States when it comes to per capita.

When it comes to people North Dakota does have a lot of great people but I can tell you 100% covid and social media has ruined a lot of people on how they interact with others. Obviously that isn't just a Bismarck thing it's a worldwide thing. But it's definitely palpable.

When it comes to work there are plenty of jobs and many of them pay above the average in the area even your average first time employee should make 15 bucks an hour minimum. There are more and more jobs available that pay pretty well that require little to any schooling so that can be a positive for a lot of people. The cost of living has jumped up quite precipitously including rent when I was looking at the average rent it sounds like it's about a thousand bucks for a two bedroom apartment and that's an average one. Homes have definitely jumped up in price breaking $300,000 on average. Homeowners insurance and car insurance is relatively low so are utilities for the most part. Traffic is really pretty good unless it's during the summer construction time definitely slows you down 5 to 10 minutes.

It's a great family place to live they are our great people some people did get lost during covid that definitely affected things. One thing that is slowly changing is the state isn't exactly the most diverse when it comes to culturally, while some will say r

Bismarck, ND

The recreation
- 6/29/2023
There is plenty there's literally the Missouri River running right by and in between Bismarck and Mandan great for having summer fun and fishing. There are lakes within 30 miles that you can get some great fishing done as well. It is a great state for outdoor events if you like to do things outdoor. It is a city that makes you reliant on your own personal activity so if you don't want to be able to come up with your own things to do you may struggle. We don't have clubs which I'm not against the wouldn't be a bad thing to have. A lot of people love going to the bars which isn't exactly a great thing. But the biggest thing is making the changing seasons part of your recreation. For example a lot of people love going kayaking during the summer and springtime for recreation and there are hiking options especially if you go out to the Black hills. During the winter there's lots of options from sledding to cross country skiing. There are things to do it's just much more dependent on people that like to get physically active and unfortunately in the grand scheme of things people are becoming less and less active so that's not exactly the best thing for people that are used to having less active or physically active activities

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