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Arroyo Grande, CA

Too Expensive, Boring and Cold - 9/23/2016
People from here absolutely love it and refuse to admit that it is much too expensive. They hate change. To live in a good school area will cost you dearly. There is nothing here that is the average price or below. For such a small town the theft crime is through the roof now, too. This is a direct result of people not having any money. Getting a doctor is impossible because, as other doctors have told me, new doctors find it too expensive to start a practice here. The location on the central coast is terrible, too. Too far away from any city with good museums or major theatre productions. There isn't a lot of authentic ethnic food either. A local life-time resident was so excited to take me to an over-priced gyro place that had gyro meat which tasted exactly like spam. Plan several hours in the car to LA if you want serious culture of any kind. San Francisco is too far away for a day trip, too. It is boring here and dealing with the over-proud residents who have rose-tinted glasses is not easy. As for beauty, the hills are brown, brown, brown. The lack of water has made water bills go crazy and new city laws on water prices is insane. I can't wait to move. Moving here was a mistake. And this weather everyone is so proud of? It is cold. It is freezing every night and I have to take a hoodie with me everywhere all day, every day because for a majority of the year the daytime has weather in the 60s and at dusk the temperature falls fast. Heat? When it does get hot for the couple of weeks a year there is heat, you suffer because even new houses don't have air conditioning. Not that any person making below $150,000 a year can afford the electricity bill for an air conditioner! I hate it here. Seriously hate it here. Being here has made me depressed. I only finally shook it when my family agreed to move and my husband got interviews far, far away from here.

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