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St. Louis, MO
Depends on your goals and part of town you're in..
Posted On: 2/11/2013 8:24:44 AM
I've lived in St.Louis my entire life and planning to make a change very soon! I'm 31, an African American woman, business owner, and single mother of two. I do pretty well for myself, (we live in a LARGE town home 2bd 3bth for $800)in South St.Louis, the best part of St.Louis if you asked me. It's more cultured and the people in the area don't carry that racial tension on them as they do in some other parts of St.Louis. The con of growing up in St.Louis is the school system. If you're African American and grew up in a low income part of the area, your education will be low budget! Sure they have magnet schools, but if you're child is Af.Am...look forward to be put on the BOTTOM of the list! St.Louis city is becoming more diverse and with the mixed incomes, it seems that "other" ethnicities get the first available classroom seat for their child. It was even mentioned to me when filling out the magnet school form for my youngest child, to put he was "other" on the application instead of Af.Am!! An advantage of living in St.Louis is that if you want your name to be well known and you love to network...this is the perfect city. It's soooo small that it's easy to get in front of the right people to help you launch almost anything. Meet one person... tell them what your plans are... and they know somebody that knows somebody. South St.Louis has amazing neighborhood restaurants and pubs. Just walk out your door and you can enter a cafe or enjoy fine dining. I'd end by saying with all my pros, I still want to leave St.Louis because I believe that in my profession I have reached my full potential here...it's time to take my show on the road so that I can be exposed to more opportunities!

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St. Louis, MO

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