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St. Louis, MO
St. Louis is only good for the well-off.
Posted On: 10/2/2012 12:04:05 PM
I attended Webster Groves and Parkway North in high school. I was in the foster care system so I always attended schools in the county. I was always cut off from the city, Other than the arch for field trips. But once out of state custody, I was left to fend for myself. With a minimum wage job, no car, and no roommate, I was forced into the city. Even with a roommate I would not be able to afford a car, so getting a management job or a 10/hour job clerk job was nearly impossible because it takes a while to get from the city to the county. The county is were the half-way decent jobs are. I was stuck in poverty. The problem with St. Louis is if you are not well-off, you are pretty much doomed to live in poverty. You're only aquatainces or friends are thugs, drug dealers, section 8 government dependent people. They all are happy to see you stuck in poverty with them. So much fighting for street credit and popularity. If you get thrown into the chaos from the well-off county, you will find yourself depressed, anxious, and stuck in a hole, you can never climb out of. Stuck in your roach infested apartment with no friends because if you don't do drugs you are an outcast. And scared to let anyone in to visit because you know things will get stolen. No one ever cares to maintain contact with you because you are stuck like them and they are looking for friends that are well-off that can possibly help them out of the gutter. This has been my life since I was 21 yrs. old. I can get a degree but what would it do for me, since I don't have a car and insurance and gas is unaffordable. Without a boost, you get no where in St.Louis. You just constantly here about your neighbors getting locked-up. The system works only for the well-off here in St. Louis. I wonder if other cities are the same.

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St. Louis, MO

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