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I am a student at Miles College pursuing my BSW Degree enroute to my MSW from UAB. I am a SCD-Veteran. I volunteer at the VA Hospital delivering arts and crafts to patients. I have ambitions of becoming Mayor of Birmingham after I graduate from college, but if the state of my beloved city continues to decline I will seek public office sooner!
I have written over 15 short stories under the pseudonym Jon Wayne, my most current is "Abolishing Pedophiles" 2009.
I am owner of ADDillard Enterprises, a recruitment and retention consulting company. I am interested in innovative ways of creating jobs for Birmingham.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Consulting Services
Website(s): www.addillardenterprises.com


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Alabama, AL

What do the funds in escrow mean for the country? - 11/22/2010
For almost three months the public outcry during the Gulf Coast oil spill was almost to the verge of a mutiny against the president and his leadership abilities. The coverage of his actions, or should I say, the actions that were expected was so embarrassing I was ashamed to be an American. Shame was something I never thought I would feel about my country during my lifetime. I had seen two former presidents use the military as their own person G.I Joes and I hid my shame. These were my Commanders in Chief and I gave an oath to protect this soil against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet when the oil spill began to reach threatening levels I once again saw a country being overly biased in the way the president handled the situation. I remember listening to a town hall meeting going on in California amongst a somewhat diverse audience and I had to shake my head in disgust after hearing some of the comments being made. True everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but many opinions do not need to be heard. The California town hall meeting was one of those instances.
On MSNBC, I watched a group of people sit around and go back and forth about what the president did wrong, what he needed to do more of, and even some stated he should be impeached. But I never heard any one of those people sitting around at that town hall meeting say once they would come to the Gulf coast to assist in the relief efforts themselves. Not one!
I remember watching a town hall meeting from the Navy Lodge in Pensacola wondering when all the people who say the president should be doing more would stand and say,"I will lead by example and show why I am critical of President Obama, because i purchased a ticket, or I'm heading to the Gulf Coast by the time this show airs." I never heard that. What I heard was a committee of people, citizens of this country, continuing to bad mouth my Commander in Chief. Now that the oil has stopped gushing, what is to become of the funds left behind in escrow? Here is my solution:Take the money left over and disperse it as fairly as possible throughout every state in the Union. Let's see if the country can finally stand unified for something. Make it better for every citizen. That way we will not have another town hall meeting asking for an impeachment of someone who cannot swim to the bottom of the sea and plug a hole with his bare hands.

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Job Initiative - 11/20/2010
Birmingham is currently undergoing a change in the job market. A change for the worse! In the last year jobs have decreased by 8.72%, therefore helping to raise the unemployment rate to 9.90%. Politicians have made promises to bring jobs to the state, cities, and counties, and we have seen little or no results! Those expecting results should not hold their breath because the last time a politician had to look for a job it was to seek election. No one currently in office has any solutions adn will not present any for the next 2-4 years. It is not in their best interest to do so. We as citizens should force them to change their ways of thinking and it should happen now!
Birmingham Water Works constantly brags about having the top 5% best water in the country. As a member of the Birmingham Regional Cahmber of Commerce you receive bottles of water for attending meetings. My question is to anyone listening is this: If Birmingham has the best water in the country why are there no bottles for sale on the shelves at local stores? Maybe the Water Works does not have the capabilties to produce bottles of water like that i do not know, but I seem to know one of the oldest bottling companies in America is headquartered in Birmingham. Why is there not a partnership between Buffalo Rock and the city of Birmingham, creating a Birmingham Water Bottling Division? That alone would create jobs automatically!

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