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Paoli, IN

Sweet Southern Hospitality - 8/6/2008
We recently vacationed to southern/central Indiana from our home in Goshen, IN. We ended up staying in Paoli overnight and were pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere we found there. We felt very comfortable while we were there. It was like home away from home. Everyone was so cordial. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, PAOLI! =)

New Paris, IN

Home Sweet Home - 7/18/2008
New Paris is a very small community. In fact, it's so small I'm not even sure it's considered a town yet. We've got a post office, a bank, a volunteer fire dept, 2 gas stations, 1 diner, 1 bar & grill, and 7 or 8 churches. It's tree-lined streets and historic buildings give it a warm, inviting ambiance.

Small towns will always have their pros & cons, but New Paris is a wonderful neighborhood. Those of us who have lived in the area love & appreciate this small town we call Home. Everyone knows just about everyone else. And yes, along with that comes small town gossip, everyone thinking they know everyone else's business. But we don't have a newspaper, so how else are we supposed to keep up with what's going on? =)

New Paris is expanding quicker than some of us would like, subdivisions popping up all around town, but that's bound to happen as time goes on. It's still a great little community. We love being part of it. When I drive through town or I'm standing on the corner by the New Paris Store, I couldn't feel more at home.

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