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Houston, TX | 2 Review(s)

Middle aged professional caucasian male.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Legal


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Houston, TX

Think Long and Hard Before You Come Here< - 4/19/2019
I am a Caucasian male and I totally agree with you. I too am a transplant and I have never seen a more racial and discriminating city as Houston. If you ain't a redneck Texan they will hate you. This city is a sad example of American.

Houston, TX

Undesirable Houston - 4/19/2019
I have found this city to be the most disappointing city in the US. After I have lived and worked as a professional in 18 major cities in 16 different states, I have never seen a more racial city than this and I am a straight white male. White Texans hate everyone, especially Caucasian transplants who are not from Texas. The hatred and discrimination towards other races is unlike anywhere else in the US. Terribly low wages and high cost of living. The weather is the very worst in the US by far. Very unattractive city as far as scenery. 60 miles to the gulf and it too is a total cess pool from all of the oil and shipping. No way to enjoy it. Education is very poor. I love the US and have enjoyed every other place I have ever lived until here. It is a very dirty city with the worst of the worst roads, and sidewalks with the traffic being worse than LA, NYC and Boston. I would not consider Houston if I were a business or an individual and to look elsewhere. Sad to say but very true.

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