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Bentonville, AR

68% growth in the next 10 years
- 2/22/2007
a overwelming 1 million people expected to move to the bentonvile-fayetteville area in the next 15 years over 3,000 people a month move to this area. the total amount of the four city metro area for the next 10 years of growth combined is over 200%.

because of the growth: construction,retail,hospitals,food service,business marketing,and production have been needed to fill these demands.
i have watched this place grow into a major metro area. the expensive high rise construction litters the landscape off of I-540. showing the muscle of retail giant wal-mart.

Bixby, OK

wow! the nicest town i have ever seen in my life
- 2/22/2007
all i can say is go bixby!!! check out the future economy rate 44% in next 10 years that is more than las vegas and bentonville combined..that is some growth..
this is the best thing to happen in the tulsa area since the oil boom for sure..

Midwest City, OK

nice town to raise a family
- 2/22/2007
very nice suburb of oklahoma city to raise a family, good schools too.very close to downtown.

Muskogee, OK

close to tulsa
- 2/22/2007
only 47 miles to tulsa.

Grand Island, NE

nice town to raise a family
- 2/22/2007
nice for the family but hard to find a good paying job.. the platte river is nice. i would try kearney before grand island..

Tulsa, OK

tulsa is trying at least
- 2/22/2007
i can say that tulsa is a boring ,dull, lifeless city. that really needs a urban devolpment program like oklahoma city. not that okc is much better it's not. tulsa has pretty trees and foothills of the ozarks. nice trails for biking,and a great river walk. but there needs to be a major clean up of the city.driving on I-244 is a 20 mile journey in the ghetto. I live here so i an say that. if we could get the downtown in a revitalize program like okc i think tulsa would be a great place to visit and to live. most people that live here enjoy the cherry street pubs and brookside. but for the most part downtown is empty with homeless people that sleep under bridges and ditches.not a good sign for visiters wanting to create business here. but hey if okc could get cleaned up so can tulsa. the people here cannot be beat. very laid back and open. that makes the city worth living..

Springdale, AR

grew up there moved out of there..
- 2/22/2007
first this: i grew up in northwest arkansas. my family moved there from nebraska when i was 14 (NOW) 29 and i thank them still to this day for the move to n.w.arkansas
the country is beautiful and serene. rolling ozark mountains, beautiful fall colors.just a really nice place. the first place we moved to was rogers and it was a small town of 19,000+ NOW rogers is over 45,000+
matter of fact the whole area has grown to a metro area with over 311,000+
crazy growth by bentonville giant Wal-Mart. springdale food giant tyson.
rogers_lowell j.b. hunt transportation.and finally the university of arkansas in fayetteville..my parents still live there. but i had to get out of n.w.arkansas. the job situation SUCKS!!!!! low pay scales, limited job availabilities. expensive homes brought by the upper pay scale of corporations such as spoke of earlier..
the beautiful country has been mowed i mean PLOWED out by urban develepers. the streets are overcrowded with cars like cattle parades waiting to get on the only interstate highway, for a area of over 300.000 people the roads can not handle the growth.very bad developing. i would have to say rogers has the best going for it out of all the citys there. CAUTION.springdale stinks literally.we are glad we moved.

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