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Life Stage: Family with Children
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Monterey, CA

Great Place to Visit - 2/18/2010
Monterey's main source of income is derived from the local tourist industry seconded by the military bases, and the fishing industry. Schools here are a couple of years behind most and budget cuts in the district county and state over the last ten years are sending public education south. Outside of the military population, the majority of residents here are over the age of 70. Housing prices are some of the highest in the nation and SLOWLY decreasing. Most people here are retired, in the military, or supporting the retired population who live here or are visiting. Because Monterey is just a few minutes drive to Salinas, the Salad Bowl to the World, food prices here are some of the most affordable in the nation (and the freshest). There is a farmer's market within 15 miles any day of the week. Public transportation is easy to navigate and free a good part of the year. Monterey Bay, Big Sur, and the Pacific Ocean makes this one of the most scenic areas in the world. Year-round temps between 40 and 70 and reasonable humidity also make this a wonderful place for folks who like great weather everyday. Shopping is best done in San Jose or San Francisco - you come here for the view and weather. Hiking, boating, sailing, and biking are the big entertainment activities. Bring your wet-suit, the water is between 55 and 56 degrees. The annual Big Sur Marathon brings in 60,000 plus runners each April and is rated as one of the top three marathons in the world. An aging population means sidewalks roll up shortly after 6 PM and politics and city life run slower than a turtle's pace. If you're looking for the quiet life and have PLENTY of money, this is the perfect place.

Our family will be retiring from the military shortly and it is difficult for us to find employment that will cover the cost of housing. That coupled with the deteriorating public school system and the outrageous cost of private education, we will be seeking a life in a city that welcomes families with children. I have found this to be true of most tourist spots - Asheville(NC), Pensacola(FL), Carmel(CA), Southampton(NY), Cape Cod(MA), Newport(RI)...Monterey is no exception. Great place to vosot but I can't raise my family here

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