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Columbus, OH | 1 Review(s)

Single professional


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Employment Placement Agencies
Enjoys: Sports, Outdoors, and Home Improvements


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Reviews & Comments

Mitchell, SD

What jobs???? - 3/25/2014
I attempted to come to this area based on a report seen on a local news report that I saw. I could relate to what the person was saying about the area they came from being so populated, etc. So I called a friend who lives in an adjacent town to see if he and his family could put me up for a few nights. Well, 13 days later the same jobs are being posted and the housing outlook looks grim. He is a proud South Dakotan and would never leave, but admits the states lacking in "not looking at the big picture". We want them to come, but no where to put them. We post jobs, but drag out the hiring process (this applies to even the medial jobs). We want to welcome you with open arms, but do not invade our inner sanctum. All I can say is the only ones getting a benefit is your hotel industry. I'm glad I have the ability to go back and grateful I didn't have a family to consider. I will always keep a soft place in my heart for this state, because it truly is beautiful. However I will be ever so reminded the "Welcome" mat really means "Thanks for coming, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

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