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Atlanta, GA
Posted On: 4/18/2011 8:56:20 AM
I have lived in Atlanta off and on since 2002. I have never been the victim of a crime, and I have never witnessed a crime being committed. I think many people fail to take precautionary measures. When I lived in North Decatur I heard about people being robbed, etc. These incidents always took places after mid-night near ATM machines and parking decks. In addition, I have heard of men coming into college dormitories. Most often, men would enter unlocked rooms.

My point is that you can drastically reduce your changes of being a victim by increasing situational awareness and protecting yourself. Zip code 30303 (downtown) was recently listed as the 4th most dangerous zip code in America. I lived in this zip code for 1 year and walked to and from work for 6 months (about a 6 minute walk). I never had a problem. I would argue certain parts of 30303 are safe for downtown living. Of course, there are areas south of the GA Dome that I would not walk around in.

I have lived in many areas: Washington, DC; Sierra Vista, AZ, Knoxville, TN and others. I enjoy Atlanta the most. I feel safe here and the cost of living is lower than the national average. Also, starting salaries tend to be much higher than in comparable cities. Atlanta has the offerings of a big city, without the high cost of living. In addition, Atlanta has a small town feel because of its greenery and southern hospitality.

Also, Atlanta is a melting pot. The population is predominantly black. However, the white population is actually growing. The hispanic population is also growing. Importantly, I find most are proud to call Atlanta home and notions of racism are (in my opinion) outdated and overemphasized. Yes there is racism and reverse racism (this is in all areas). I think those in Atlanta are more accepting of other ethnicities simply because we are a diverse area - the diversity leads to openness.

I only wish GA did not have a state income tax!

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