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Wyoming, WY

Brown and empty.
- 8/17/2018
Used to live in NW Wyoming but had to move for a few years for job that I could not afford to pass up. I can't wait to get back. The people of Wyoming are not unfriendly but sometimes you have to make the 1st move. I lived in an area of @ 10,000 people and that was perfect for us. It is true that Wyoming (except Teton County) is conservative and Republican but we were and are OK with that. That being said, most folks don't discuss politics, although many people in WY don't consider Jackson/Jackson Hole to be part of Wyoming. Wyoming is sort of like America in the 1960's; friendly, traditional values with a philosophy of limited government. Outdoor activities are almost universal as is industry related to the land; agriculture, ranching and mineral extraction. Crime is low but there are some areas where meth is an issue. It probably doesn't hurt that many folks carry a firearm. Summertime does bring tourists to some areas which is a mixed blessing. Most are OK, some incredibly stupid and rude. In general, most Wyomingites, particularly natives, want to keep Wyoming the was it was and is...so moving here is not really promoted. Job opportunities can be limited as well due to lack of diversification in the state's economy. We will return soon and will not leave again.

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