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Cupertino, CA

'backfence' requested comments
- 6/11/2006

we moved to cupertino last year, and miss our previous towns a lot.... cupertino is way too broad-boulevard oriented, strip mall central, and lacking a downtown or central gathering place.

cupertino is somewhat unique as it is reportedly advertised in asia as a desireable place to live, so the demographics are very heavily asian. this makes for a great concentration of good restaurants, and many chinese and other businesses. the schools are impacted by this too, and although top rated among the state, they are very intense, homework-heavy, math-and-science heavy and into tests and extra work, and bi/multi-lingual.

it used to be a big farming/agriculture area. it is hot with little fog. most/all farms have been developed into residential/commercial over the past 10-40 years, which is sad for us life-long bay area residents to have seen..... but, the area's yards host nice citrus trees, apples, peaches, cherries, nut trees, and so on......

it is a great area of top computer (Apple) and other industries, too. this provides good revenue and makes for good city parks and services. the foothills loom to the south-west and provide nice hiking trail, biking, resevoir and winery escapes.

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