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Austin, TX

Don't believe the hype! Austin sucks & he - 8/23/2020
"I swear it feels like Austinites are all a bunch of rebellious teens living inside adult bodies."

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Lake Charles, LA

Don't bother with it - 7/25/2020
Don't waste your time here. Lake Charles is absolutely one of the worst cities in the United States in my opinion. I grew up here in the 1990s.

It took me some time to realize this while growing up here, but most people in this city don't care. They don't care about you. They are only looking out for themselves. Forget about your goals and ambitions in Lake Charles, because they will do their best to cut them down. Lake Charles wants you to do the things they want you to do for them, not for you to have ambitions or goals or dreams of your own. You live in this city to work for the city, not for your own interests. That's how Lake Charles is.

Loads of people in this city tend to have a love-hate relationship with each other. They like each other but secretly dislike each other at the same time. If that makes sense. That's what I gather.

Also, the justice system is one of the most corrupt in the nation, right behind New Orleans metro. Sure the people are friendly, but it is a more dishonest and superficial friendliness. Forget about the school friends you make in this city, if you ever went to school in the Lake Charles metropolitan area. If they've left this city and moved away, chances are they don't want anything to do with you anymore.

Some friends around the country have asked me if they can visit Lake Charles, the only thing I tell them is "Why would you want to?".

Atlanta, GA

extremely expensive and racist
- 6/17/2020
It's black people not African American.

Atlanta, GA

Becoming more Antisocial - 6/17/2020
This city is becoming ruder and ruder and more deadly and deadlier by the day. It doesn't help that there are many transplants and immigrants coming in from all over as well. Southern hospitality doesn't exist in this city. It acts like an upstate city. The people are getting meaner and meaner and more and more impatient and angry. Traffic is horrible in this city and getting around anywhere is becoming a nightmare. People are more suspicious of each other and no one wants to get involved anymore. Atlanta is becoming too stressful and too antisocial.

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