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Atlanta, GA

Small town wants to be big city - 3/12/2018
Here's the real about Atlanta. To sum it up its kid who thinks they're grown cause they're in high school but compared to the juniors and seniors is still a wet behind the ears noob. Allow me to explain: Atlanta does have some things going as it is the hub for Delta Airlines (though if Deal and Cagle have their way with the whole NRA mess that could change) and UPS. Several box office hit movies have been filmed here as well as TV shows. Also make no mistake everyday more lofts condos and office buildings are being put up as the city is undergoing a massive makeover including the billion dollar totally unnecessary stadium for the Falcons. And yes the cost of living is lower. That's the good
And here's the bad (you knew this was coming) it still is the Ol South. The concentration of bible thumpers and old throwback 1950s racists still run rampant still got the voting power to keep Georgia blood red. And even the city still clings to old time outdated rules and habits. Need an example? Look no further than the liquor laws. Until recent it was illegal to sell liquor on Sunday( as if that stopped people from drinking) yes folks right here in Atlanta. No matter how much its built up the city after nine at night is dead even on a weekend. Everything pretty much is closed. Hungry after 10 PM? Hope you like Chinese Pizza or Waffle House or live near a grocery or convenience store or gas station. You might get lucky with a bar if they serve food. Those are pretty much your choices. Then there's the transit which is okay between 7AM - 11PM . Outside of 11PM good luck unless you can get a Lyft , Uber or a friend with a car. Otherwise you're screwed if you cant catch that last train out cause trains stop at 1am and most of the bus routes stop at midnight. I do concede the cost of living is lower but so are the salaries. This is a right to work state so unless you work for Delta or UPS expect to do more work for half the pay. You can get a decent four bedroom two bath deal on the outskirts and you better have a car cause chances are its out in West Bumblefuck so count on at least 25 minute commute to every place you have to go. MARTA goes out a ways but the further out it gets the worst and longer wait time it gets. Cobb and Gwinnett have transit but they shut down even earlier than Marta and dont run on Sundays. That's not saying you cant get somewhere to live in the city. You'll be paying for the convenience either with rent over 1K or risking your safety cause your other choice will be a yet to be gentrified area (aka the hood). Good news is if you hang on long enough the property values go up and it becomes a nice area provided you can still afford it. Bad news until then some areas get used to the gunshots and police paying you a visit. The very least keep your pepper spray on your person if you're walking out after dark. Oh and that genteel southern hospitality? Its on life support. I've found nicer folks in Seattle WA and a better transit system.
But hey you may not mind all of this so come on down. The weather's been bipolar as of late and a dusting of snow throws the city into panic mode. Play your cards right you might get on the movie set as an extra or run into one of the Real Housewives at Hartsfield Jackson.

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