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Fort Myers, FL

Moved in for love out for beautiful crazy Florida - 11/7/2021
I can't wait for all the replies especially from people that are from Florida or from up North that had to deal with extreme ice and snow. But I can honestly say in the two years I lived in fort Myers it was an absolute nightmare. Being a military child and because of my jobs I've had I've lived in 10 different cities,4 states,3 countries lived on 2 different continents so to say the least I have some perspective to compare against the city. The nightmare begins with the fact there is no state taxes so the roads always felt like I was driving through a war zone. In the short two years I had to replace three tires and patch one just on my vehicle. And these are some of the worst drivers I've ever experienced and I had just moved from Charlotte North Carolina prior to this. People will ride your butt just to cut you off and slam on their brakes just so they're closer to the driver ahead. Forget 10 feet for every 10mph. I've been driving for 30 years and I have never been cut off so many times which almost caused multiple accidents. And let's not forget Florida is the most uninsured driver state in the nation so you better have full coverage no matter what. Minus shopping at the grocery stores everything is considerably more expensive there and you cannot see where the money goes because a large majority of the city is trashy. And let's not leave out North fort Myers with its extensive variety of face tattoos. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love tattoos but in my book it's pretty official you don't love your mother if you get a face tattoo. Now for any of you that love hiking or trail walking I would completely disregard Florida,a 30 foot incline is a mountain there. Even though it's known for its extreme wildlife and variety of Flora this place is so incredibly flat everything looks the same no matter where you go. Speaking of going, going to the beach is the only thing you will ever want to do. And trust me that gets old very quick. And last but not least let's talk about the weather. Most of the locals that have lived there for years blame global warming because it's changed over the last 10 to 20 years considerably. But there autumn is like summer,Winters are more like spring,their spring is more like summer, their summer is more like Satan's anus which I imagine is hot and moist. It's so aggressive the only time you will walk outside is to go to work smoke a cigarette or go to the store or doctor. Moving from North Carolina prior to this you would see people outside considerably more. So I feel the weather and environment is a big factor why a lot of people there are rude and impatient and obese. I maxed my weight out in 2 years simply because I didn't want to walk outside. Now let me say not all are overweight. And this one last little tidbit will explain a lot. I was used to such a thing as southern hospitality and no matter where you went to Walmart Publix any large retailer or grocery store you will most likely run into a shopping cart or see 10 or 20 nowhere near the cart stall. Now if you are disabled or a senior citizen you get a free pass. But every single time you will see able-bodied teenagers and adults leaving shopping carts just to sit in the parking lot randomly. Just to add to the already warzone that you had to maneuver do you have things to do with. And oh yeah I have changed my standing on exactly how marijuana should be handled because of living in that state. It is so loose and tolerated that it's almost not even a crime. And I can tell you from experience more mistakes from mundane Petty to huge medical mistakes were made and I understand no matter where you go you always have human error but I truly got the sinking suspicion that most people were high at their job here. Rant over. Going back to beautiful NC.

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