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Atlanta, GA

Too many people, overpopulated, worst traffic ever - 8/14/2020
Christ, this place has so much explosive population growth it should be illegal. I've actually never seen a city explode so fast and so much in population before. Not in history to my recollection.

Phoenix, Arizona is right up in second. Atlanta is becoming New York City, Jr. with all of the people around the world visiting it, and all of the traffic. About 50-60 million people visit Atlanta a year, that's one of the highest and even more people than Seattle. (can you imagine how many people will be visiting this city by 2050? that is insane.)

Atlanta is so overpopulated and so complex and fast-paced, it is basically a place of torture and stress. With the way things are going now, I would not wish this city on the worst enemy. It's extremely unpleasant and unnecessary.

I have a feeling it will keep exploding until about the year 2050, where it will be about the size that Dallas/Fort Worth is about now here in 2020. (if not much larger)

My idea for now, is that businesses should think about probably moving elsewhere in this state. Perhaps to Augusta or Savannah to help cut down Atlanta's population problem. So people will move there instead. Maybe that will help out a lot. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am talking about.)

You'd kind of wonder how much mileage people are going to push this city for. There's no way that Atlanta can support this many people.

Lake Charles, LA

It's a dump
- 3/31/2019
I couldn't agree more with this review. It is almost like you took down some of my thoughts and wrote them down for me.

Lake Charles, LA

Avoid at all costs - Not the city you think it is! - 1/22/2019
I've lived in LC for over 20 years. The city has very little to offer and growth is very slow and stagnant. There is not much to do here other than going to see the movies or playing golf. Unless you like being at the Casino's or watching a horrible McNeese Football game. The people here are also very laughable, talentless and unprofessional; there is nothing that actually happens here, in terms of entertainment. (i.e. poor acting and musician promotions etc.) No good music scene (not even Cajun music, Country music or Jazz etc. if that's your forte) the women here are very unattractive too. It is a city of self-hate and only opportunists and transplants flock to it. Nobody really likes this place - I have not found one person who has ever told me they liked living here. Almost all the people I knew from school (Elementary, Junior High, High school) have all moved away to different places in the USA and are happy they made the choice. The history of Lake Charles will also bore you to tears. The foundation of this city seems very feeble and like a disaster. (You'd wonder why a city would be this bad.)

After finally leaving this place in the summer of 2017, I couldn't agree more. (with the people I knew from school who were so glad to move away) It was like a breath of fresh air, when I did. The roads in Lake Charles (especially downtown) are very narrow and substandard; so there's always a chance you can get into a rubbing or a small wreck. People here drive pretty crazy too, and the traffic will wear you out. Everyone in this city seems to be jealous of each other and passive-aggressive. They also love cutting down people with ambitions and/or talent. Anyone seeking a professional career will have to leave this city in order to get any success.

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