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Albuquerque, NM

Want to give negative stars to Hell as one should - 3/30/2021
I've lived in this place my whole life except the years I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a dump with unemployment seen all around and beggers at almost every street light , you can't go anywhere without seeing a homeless person pushing a shopping cart, if your a night person don't even think of this place for a city of over a half a million the streets are rolled up at 9 pm no food , gas few and far between and not anyplace to go. It is moving backwards here 30 years ago grocery stores, Walmart, and restaurants were open til midnight some til 2 am, now finding a stinking burger after 10 pm is like finding a bag of cash on your doorstep, every business has security or actual police in there parking lots as if your living in a police State , God forbid you own a van because now your a Target for security in all these parking lots, even if you've never had A run in with anyone you just go about your business and leave they take extra interest in you because you can't own a van and a home at the same time (sarcasm). It's either that or they Target me because of my Disabled Veterans license plate ( hoping it's for the van, crappy thing to hope for), and the drivers here are insane they will pull out of a side street and get in front of you in your lane when the 2 other lanes are free of traffic as far as the eye can see as well as your lane behind you, I bring this up because of how often it happens and the 2 times I've been hit by these fools, in different parts of town auto insurance is higher than others because of this and a multitude of other driving infractions (half a million people not all drive, see the problem), and I don't care about politics but here are nicknames the news has used about Democrats in charge here ,Pay to play Governor (old gov. I guess taking bribes), Democratic training for political crimes, you get it if I cared there are a lot I can't and don't care to remember, and if you haven't felt with sorry I call them what they legally are , illegals from across the border ( didn't enter the USA legally) this has a effect on society that in my opinion nobody wants , Desensitizeing you to horrific crime 2 examples that got less than a minute on the news and no public outcry 8 MONTH old girl raped and died because of it by illegal, a nursery School worker left a child in her car outside the nursery in 100 degree heat child died, she was a illegal, need I say more to all you never lived on the border but got a lot to say about it intellectual Giants out there, nothing in this state is worth loosing your humanity and feelings for others who lose a loved one in these ways, I could go on about so many other things but if these things don't give you a reason to stay clear then your the kind of person I'm getting out of this place because of. Would give negative stars if I could.

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