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Dothan, AL

re: Great Small Town - 5/17/2007
- 5/27/2009
First of all it takes longer than an hour to get to Panama city Beach..Longer than three hours to Orlando. and it has the best medical facilities around because there is no other ones around...lol..crime is high, education is horrible, You have to travel outside the area for higher education other than the extension to TSU..small industry you must be talking about Blockbuster video, because the economy there is horrible and the unemployment rate is very high. I noticed you didnt put anything nice about Dothan in your comment only places to go outside of Dothan...lol...I dont know many cities that you cant say your within 5 hours of everything...lol...you must have got your higher education in houston county!

Bradenton, FL

- 5/27/2009
I have lived in the Bradenton area since the mid 80's where are you seeing the good paying jobs? Now i will agree with you on the grocery stores they are everywhere. I havent seen the A rated schools but if you can give me one i will believe you. I know the high schools are over crowded drug filled and under funded. As for the mall if you r talking about Desoto which thats the only one its horrible dont let your kids go there at nightits gang infested the theatre actually smells. Everyone around here knows Bradenton is a high crime area East Bradenton i wouldnt let my dog walk there and West Bradenton you have to move all the way to Palma Sola to get in a decent area and the crime now at the beaches is horrible. Cochina and Anna Maria are getting bad. shootings every year...By the way siesta is in Sarasota county..lol..Sarasota county outlaws people to be homeless there why do you think they all come to Bradenton....I will give you credit i like siesta but Bradenton really does suck.

Danville, IL

Horrible - 5/27/2009
The school system may be the worst I have ever seen, There is no jobs the only thing Danville knows how to do is build little fast food resteraunts in the north end of town which use to be an okay part of town now you have the Danville apartments next to the vacant mall, by the way the mall is a joke. The north end now is home to alot of drugs and crime but they wont tell you that. You will have to move out of the area to live anywhere decent your kids will either be on drug, an alcholic or a criminal if they grow up in Danville...absolutely nothing for them to do here except find trouble. To be honest with you I think most of the adults herte are drunks, druggies or criminals. Everything from the law enforcement the courts to the schools are ran by people who have no clue how to run things. Even r hospital cant deal with trauma no more. We closed one hospital and now have to go to Logan Campus, If you have to got there with a life threating illness they cant help there is no good Doctors here, They have to send you to champaign or indianapolis.....This is just to advise anyone who is thinking of moving here.DONT.....Drive through the town and see what I am talking about...

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