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Bluff City, TN

God's country
- 3/17/2006
Bluff City is God's country. It's great, but the economy is not so good. If you can find a job, then move here!

Frederick, MD

Too expensive, too busy
- 3/17/2006
We lived in Frederick for almost 3 years. It has everything, and it's close to DC and Baltimore. But it's quite crowded, and traffic is TERRIBLE! It has become a suburb of DC, and to commute takes forever. Even to go from one side of town to the other is a hassle. Also, property is outrageously expensive.
Other than that, if you have lots of money and don't mind traffic, it's not bad.

Bristol, TN

Bristol is a good place to live....if you can find
- 3/16/2006
I was born and raised in Bristol. It's a good place to live. Safe, low cost of living. But the job market is very scarce. The economy is having a rough time.

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