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Overland Park, KS

Overland Park, KS...from a native
- 12/6/2006
For Sweet Cheeks and significant other...I spent the first 30 years of my life in Overland Park, KS. It has only been 1 1/2 years and boy do I miss it. I live in a the little city of Graham, NC now. Anyway, I can tell you ANYTHING about OP that you want to know, and then some. You can e-mail me at grandmasterb333@hotmail.com (I know it sounds goofy, but I'm an old "Married With Children" fan.)

Graham, NC

Small town, small pay...
- 12/6/2006
I am originally from Overland Park, KS...a suburb of the greater downtown Kansas City Metro area. I am now 32, and up until a year and a half ago, I lived in the Kansas City area. The economy here vs. KC (among other things) is vastly different. The cost of living is a bit lower, the pay is ridiculously lower, and it is much more racist (and I am white). On the other hand, it has more of a small town environment (people I don't even know are waving to me on the road), and the scenery is far better than you are ever going to see in KS. Evergreens everywhere...the ocean is only about 4 hours away, and I can yell at the top of my lungs in the house and the 6 closest neighbors can't hear me. Of course, after living basically my whole life in the Kansas City metro area, I can tell you MUCH more about that.

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