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Connellsville, PA

Ghost town...... - 2/20/2009
The City of Connellsville,Pennsylvania has been a ghost town for some time. Ever since the steel mills and coal mines shut down there are more empty buildings in town than the ones that are occupied. The only people who live there now are retired, on welfare or disability. Illegal Drugs are really bad in Fayette County and Connellsville is no exception. Most of the landlords are slumlords. The city needs to invest in a few bulldozers and start from one end of town to the other and tear down all the 'eyesores' of empty and disrepair buildings. You can say Connellsville is the poster child of a town that relied on one industry that left== and left the city a wasteland. Anchor Hocking corporation closed down a few years ago {it made glass bottles} It has been sitting empty since. It was the only industry left. Wal Mart moved in a few years ago too and it was the death nail for the mom and pop stores. The Connellsville area is scenic and Fallingwater that was Frank Lloyd Wrights master piece is only 15 miles away in the mountians. Skiing is nearby too. The city it trying to push tourism but with no place to spend your money it will continue to be empty. I grew up in Connellsville but havent lived there in over 20 years. The only reason I go back is because my parents still live there. When they pass away I probably will never return.....

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