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East San Gabriel, CA

I would not recommend people living in LA. - 5/24/2021
First of all, I came from Boston and just married over to San Gabriel, CA. SoCal has terrible droughts year round. Air pollution in CA is terrible and CA is the most air polluted state in the US. Satanic culture abounds because Hellywood is just around the corner where Hollywood artists who are witches and wiccans sold their souls to the devil and basically brainwash the world into satanic rituals like using drugs and sexual immorality and sex orgies. Kids in the public schools in San Gabriel and in the Los Angeles areas generally are told to celebrate Halloween every single year, so now you know why Britney Speare and other kids who are raised in LA sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune, because they are basically indoctrinated with satanic stuffs early on their lives. Homelessness in downtown LA is terrible with dirty streets. It feels like a third world country. Last year near the San Gabriel area there was a wildfire which caused severe air pollution. We could not even breathe the air. We
Had to close all the windows in our house and I had to buy air purifiers for the family. Then an earthquake in the south Sam Gabriel area struck. Gas prices are terribly high. Houses are terribly ugly compared to the colonial styled houses in the New England areas, and they generally do not have basements because of the earthquake risks. They are not worth the expensive prices. Tax rates are one of the highest in the nation. So yeah, if you want to go bankrupt living in a terrible third world city with air pollution and ugly looking houses with satanists often kidnapping people for human sacrifices (thus all the “mysterious” kidnapping and murders in the LA area), feel free to come to this Fallen Angel City. I am getting out of this horrible city. And if you want to invest in real estate on an earthquake zone with constant threats of wildfires that can also jeopardize your houses, feel free to come to live in Los Angeles. Ummm.... I am getting out of this terrible city. Never mind the sunshine. It’s not like the rest of the world is in the dark and only LA or CA has its sunshine. Sunshine hidden behind smoggy sky due to air pollution, yes.

Boston, MA

I love Boston - 5/24/2021
Raised in Greater Boston area and I love this city. I went to the oldest school established in 1635 called Boston Latin School. Harvard was founded one year later in 1636 for our school’s first graduating class being the oldest higher education institution in the US. Puritans landed in Plymouth, MA in 1620 and celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621. First battle of American Revolution was fought in Lexington and Concord, MA. I love MA for its history, culture, and top ranking universities and hospitals. Boston is currently ranked the best hospital city of the US and second best in the world after Tokyo due to the large number of Harvard affiliated hospitals. I have lived in Los Angeles for the past few years and Los Angeles is nowhere compared to Boston in so many aspects. Air pollution is the worst in CA. Earthquakes, wildfires and constant droughts in SoCal make Los Angeles undesirable to live in. Homelessness in Downtown LA is an terrible sight to see. CA has high taxation rates but spend its money on satanic liberal causes like abortion (Planned Parenthood) instead of building subsidized housing for the homeless. The longer I live in Los Angeles, the more I miss Boston, so I just moved back to Boston. I kiss the historical sites in MA. I miss Harvard and MIT and the college intellectual vibes here. MA currently ranks number two in education and healthcare, and ranks number one as the best state to raise a family. Homeless people have shelters and subsidized houses to live in because Boston boasts to be the most philanthropic city of the US. I feel bad for those homeless people in LA. I think they should come to MA for a try. Other than some occasional snow in the winter which would brighten up our Christmas and which we can play with, Boston is pretty much disaster free. Before I moved back from LA, I experienced a wildfire and an earthquake near where I lived, and the droughts which would force LA to plant palm trees and cactuses are terrible. Air pollution is so terrible that our cars would collect dusts all over after having been cleaned for a few days. So yeah, I would not leave the Athens of America to live anywhere else. Besides, MA is surrounded by other New England states where Ivy League universities abound. I love the scholastic vibe in these New England states. When fall comes, we can enjoy colorful New England Fall Foliage.

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