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Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee and Chicago are completely diff - 7/20/2020
AMEN !!! I've lived in Milwaukee all my life and I'm an idiot for not getting out years ago. I still hope to get to Chicago. Milwaukee (and Wisconsin in general) is ONLY friendly and hospitable to people who meet the following criteria: you hang out with the same people you've known since you were 15 or 16 and rarely anyone else; you got married in your early 20's and had kids around the same time, and you stayed married no matter how miserable you are just because you need that second income; you have been lucky enough to hang on to your manufacturing job for 20+ years or lucky enough to get another one immediately after you were laid-off in the early 1980's; your idea of recreation is drinking ungodly amounts of beer every weekend, ice fishing and hunting, and being obsessed with the Packers no matter what time of year it is; you think that German culture is the best in everything and you privately hold quasi-Nazi beliefs without the desire to kill. The only upsides to Milwaukee are that it is relatively inexpensive to buy a home in different parts of the cities (although that is starting to change), it has a ton of really good restaurants (which don't emphasize healthy eating AT ALL, and account for why most people are overweight here), and the music and ethnic festivals during the summer at the Lakefront are enjoyable (but, again, most people who attend are drunk from consuming obscene amounts of beer). The local economy sucks for the most part because the city has never really recovered from the loss of high-paying manufacturing jobs in the early 1980's. Nothing even close to their pay has moved in, unlike Minneapolis or Chicago who have attracted many high-tech jobs. Milwaukee has a layer of unspoken depressive feelings to it, as does Wisconsin in general. If you live here, perhaps being intoxicated most of the time is the best way to deal with it ! And if you are a divorced guy trying to get a fresh start in life and meet someone new, you will find that there's around four guys for every woman, so even average-looking Milwaukee women will act like they are Playboy centerfold models because they know they can afford to be choosy due to male availability.

Milwaukee, WI

Top 5 worst cities
- 10/28/2019
There are three pros - great restaurants of every every kind of cuisine, housing can be found relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the country, and there are great music and ethnic festivals at the lakefront during the summer. Outside of that...not much else. People are relatively unfriendly because they get married early and hang around with the same people they've known since high school.

Milwaukee, WI

Most Violent City in America
- 3/10/2019
The comment from David needs to be clarified somewhat. Yes, Milwaukee has its share of the type of incidents that David is commenting on, but let me point out a few factors. First off, Milwaukee is a VERY segregated city, more so than many other major cities of its size. Secondly, Milwaukee's local economy has always been industrial and manufacturing based, and the city has never really recovered from the loss of well-paying factory and brewery jobs that departed for good during the Reagan years of the 1980's. And the loss of those jobs affected the African-American and Hispanic-American sections of the city the hardest. So when you combine the city's inherent segregation, the loss of jobs with wages that could support a family and not require a high level of secondary education, a large degree of single-parent households and high infant mortality rates...well, it all combines and contributes to the crime David is mentioning. But it should be noted that there are more than a handful of areas within the city proper that are pretty safe. It's just a place where you have to be familiar with and conscious of your surroundings. Most residents learn pretty quickly what areas of town to avoid or minimize your time in.

Hawthorne, CA

Hawthorne, CA
- 11/17/2018
The only thing ???!!! That's a pretty large negative aspect right there !

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