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Ames, IA

Iowa Michelel Ames - 4/13/2009
Of course I did not put the right town in. What outsider needs any more bull____? yes, I think Iowa needs to change the signs they have when you enter their state to "Iowa does not welcome you" It is so corrupt in N.E. Iowa, it is one game after another of fines (locals don't get fined) higher property taxes, ect. I have protested the taxes 2 times now. Nothing but games. It is truley pathetic. Right on about smiling to your face and stabbing you in the back. The locals spend the money from the state to keep themselves employed. Just a select few. Mind you it would be fine if the monies were spent for something good. A perfect example is an Industrial park built 10 years ago with no industry to this day! Now, these small towns are looking to Iowas program of main street revival. What a joke. These are the same people who were not friendly to tourists when they were coming a few years back and now that the economy is bad, gee I guess they need them now. Gee, is there more moneys involved for the select few to "revitalize main street". I would think. All I see is very corrupt small governments and locals who don't want to share. Now I see why small towns die. They keep out any form of competition, so local stores never make improvements because they don't have to.....until now. La Crosse, Wi has a ton of stores now and most people drive there to shop so little towns, your not needed any more. I am proud to be an outsider. I have scruples. I also practice the 10 commandments, something I don't see many church goers do. Absolutely no democracy here but then again, I don't think they even know what that means. I have complained to the Iowa main street people when they visited that the town I am in discriminates by bouycotting any new business that comes in. You know what they said? Oh, we hear that alot" so the state officials are just as corrupt as the towns. NICE. So suckers come and buy property, fix it up and the locals end up with the property for nothing with the state endorsing heir behavior. I have seen it happen over and over. NICE. But theres not enough people here to make it big news like in Illinois. I just found a quote and it pretty much sums it up for this state. Iowa, where bad guys look good and good guys look bad.

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