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San Francisco, CA

A once beautiful city now ruined - 1/27/2020
A legendary city that has deliberately ruined itself. Over the past fifteen years it has become overrun by homeless and the associated rats and human waste in the streets. The billionaire tech titans walk around them to get into their offices. The cost of housing is the highest in the country, but that doesn't mean people need to live in the streets. They live in the streets because the local politicians actually encourage it! The city provides free needles to use illegal drugs, does not provide mental health services for those who need them, and allows the shiftless and the lazy to deem themselves "street people" and simply live on the sidewalks. Police are instructed not to worry about things like auto break-ins or burglaries because those are "quality of life issues" and only affect people who have jobs, so don't matter. The politicians do everything they can to encourage homelessness and drive out the people who pay taxes and are now unable to use parks or feel safe on public transit. It is truly a shame.

Detroit, MI

The city squandered its great potential - 1/27/2020
Lived in the city through the 60s and 70s and 80s and still have family there so I'm back several times a year. They wasted the waterfront and finally put in a chintzy thing called Hart's Plaza that never felt inviting. Half of the city left and what remained was charmless and decrepit. They took care of nothing. Finally, when it was bankrupt and crime-ridden, the pizza guys came to the rescue followed by Quicken. They tried rebuilding downtown and a few brave souls opened little shops and stores. I hope it can recover but they never planned for anything other than auto manufacturing and those jobs and that industry are never coming back. They should be giving away property to tech firms and others that will hire the locals and rebuild the economy.

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