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Vero Beach, FL

Zero Beach
- 7/30/2005
Truely the home of the "newly weds and nearly deads" as the saying goes here in Vero. If your single, and in your 20's and 30's and there is nothing here for you. Move to Orlando, Tampa, or go south. Everything here in Vero closes early. If your retired and newly wed, this is the perfect place for you. I personally, have never lived in a town were it took so long to get anything done. People here just take the longest time in the world to do anything and they are not prepared when it comes to hurricanes. Some parts in Vero still look like a hurricane just hit and I have been around hurricanes my whole life. I dont want to make it sound like Vero is a bad place because it does have its good qualities. Its clean, theres great shopping, restraunts, and its centrally located to Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville without all of the traffic. Vero has come a long way to what it was 15 years ago when there wasnt anything here. There is just nothing here for us single people who need a little more stimulation than getting up at 5am and going to bed at 10. Plus, there arent many jobs that pay well here either. Its just not the place for me but, it may be someone else's treasure. I on the other hand am moving to Las Vegas.

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