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Quincy, IL

You don't want to be here - 10/29/2013
I haven't always lived in Quincy. I'm originally from the St. Louis area, but have moved around many times, and have also done a lot of traveling. My husband & I thought that Quincy would be a nice place to raise our children; away from the traffic, crime, and craziness of a big city. We are now hoping to move back to STL someday. There is definitely something lacking from this place. I totally understand that it is a lot smaller & therefore will be less to do, but there is absolutely nothing to do! Nothing.

The 'architectural' district is maybe 10 houses on a street that you can drive by and look at. Takes about 5 minutes. The Blues in the Park concert series over the summer is only every other Friday. Their mall has maybe 20 stores, all very tiny, so that doesn't help out much if you're looking to shop. If you want to eat though, Quincy is the place to be! They have plenty of restaurants, (including 2 donut shops, 2 McDonald's, 2 Hardee's) and are always building more. So when you get bored, you can stuff your face with junk.

A lot of businesses in town are family owned, and none of them open before 4pm and close promptly when the sun goes down. Also don't expect anyone to work on the weekend, because really, no one wants to do anything around here.

The schools are worse here than in any place I've ever lived, and I've lived in many places. Most (not all) staff members are uncaring and just plain dumb. I've actually worked at one of the schools here and was completely disgusted with how they treated the children. One of my own children went to Baldwin, which is where all kids from every elementary school finally meet up, and it is a madhouse. My other child went to an elementary school in a nice part of town, but we were given the option to send him to another school because this one was so awful.

Watching the news here is like watching amateur hour. I don't think you have to be educated at all to work in the news industry in the Tri-State area. They talk mostly about the weather, current events happening in other states (or STL), and the morning news reads aloud every single name of every single person having a birthday that day.

The radio stations only play hardcore metal or country. Traffic is horrible because all of the businesses are on ONE road, and of course everyone is in a hurry to get to Taco Bell. The hospitals/doctors seem to be as uneducated as everyone else here. If you want to see a good healthcare professional, you need to drive 2 1/2 hours to St. Louis.

This is a small sampling of what Quincy, IL is like. I'm not trying to be rude, I just think people should hear the truth about a place that they are considering moving to. If I had to do it over, I wouldn't have come here, but that's just me.


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