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Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Information Technology
Website(s): www.aggressivenetworks.com


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Fort Smith, AR

Hot, Muggy, and just miserable.... - 10/27/2007
When I went here looking for apartments The prices seemed good. 320 for a large 1br didn't seem bad. However I when I called to get the stats on the apartments and to set up an appointment to view them, the people were really rude and none of them seemed to want to disclose anything other then How "awesome" the place was. I would ask them how expensive utilities were and they scratched ther heads like they had no clue, then yell at you. I called several and they would hang up on me as soon as I asked when I could take a look. I was even very professional on the phone and I had typed up a script on my laptop as to what to say. They seem to not want to have anything to do with anyone from NC license plates. As soon as they seen my plate they went downhill after that. They seem very hostile towards liberals over there. The whole state of AR is very conservative. And the weather is miserable and hot as hell. Fort smith is also very dirty and very hard to navigate even with a GPS! I would avoid this city like the plague unless you are a southern person with conservative values and are able to tolerate rude people.

Lost Springs, WY

very nice small town with big city charm - 10/10/2007
This town would be very nice to have a resort community. The pace of life is very relaxed here and It makes me think of summer on the lake. I love it here and I would recommend this as the perfect place to raise a family!

Cary, NC

What you pay for you don't get. - 9/21/2007
I lived in the Cornerstone area of cary and it was pretty expensive even though Cornerstone area isn't one of the expensive areas of cary. You will see that the whole nice look of this place is a facade. You pay 300,000 for a decent sized house in a decent neighborhood...... so it seems. The houses all look the same as everything else in the town.

You literally can get lost if you do not have a GPS! All the streets and all the houses and shopping centers look the same and it is very easy to get lost becuase of that. Oh yeah and the roads make you lookse your sense of direction too since they all look like spagetti topology. You need to have a GPS with traffic monitoring for the whole raleigh-durham-cary-chapel hill MSA. It is hell to drive around here. It takes about 35-40 minutes on a good day to hit I-40 and then you deal with both commuter local traffic and thru traffic. It is very annoying to drive around this MSA. What is worse is Magellan GPS units do not have this area on thier NAVTEQ RDS traffic service! If you live in this area Please email Magellan and NAVTEQ and ask them to include this area! It is always a good idea to check traffic and it is very hard on your wallet to live here becuase the amount of gas it takes just to go shopping.

You may have a shopping center close by but most of the time it isn't one you want to go to becuase it is expensive and wal-mart is cheaper to buy food from, however you must drive to raleigh for that and it is 1.2-1.7 hours away depending in traffic! There are no good stores around the cornerstone area of cary and morrisville, you need to almost drive to raleigh around the crossroads area to get any good shopping. Cary has too many useless shopping centers that have salons, insurace companies, pet grooming, office supplies, realty companies, and dentist offices in them but alot of them don't have clothes, or video games, or good places to eat they are all clones of red robin and applebees with the same food but more expensive and crowded as hell. And since the overhead is very high you pay alot more. There are no good malls here just shopping centers where you have to walk all day in the heat or cold and it feels rushed you cant just have a casual day at the mall. you just run and get what you need and get out. Too hectic.

Also the houses fall apart here my freind owns a 400 grand house and it is falling apart the basement has leaks and the kitchen cabinets are starting to look bubbly becuase they are

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