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Buffalo, NY

Get Out
- 12/17/2019
I returned after 14 years and I am leaving again. Good for you, Brian....LIVE AND DON'T LOOK BACK. Alabama im coming back home!

Buffalo, NY

Friendly place with better weather than y - 12/17/2019
The West Side is the forgotten slum of Buffalo. I had my first apartment there on 15th Street, then I moved to Busti in 1984 and it still looks the same. They are systematically placing all Hispanics and Africans on theWestSide. Most African Americans live off Bailey and the majority East side. The White people are scattered throughout the North and South Side. Buffalo needs to be replace btorn completely down and reborn. Buffalo needs salvation!!

Buffalo, NY

Vitamin D Deficiency of Life - 12/17/2019
I am currently writing this review on December 18, 2019 @12:49 am from Batavia NY. I lived in Ruff Buff for 39 years (born and raised), left in 2004 to Alabama, returned to Batavia, NY in 2018, and I have absolutely nothing to boast about. This is not a place to retire or vacation to. If you relocate to Buff and find a beautiful home and neighbor hood, just sit back and watch the local news for about a month...its guaranteed to bring on a deep depression. Buffalo is lacking everything from education, jobs, hospitality, to sunshine. I love my family and they love Buffalo and that's because they've never been anywhere else and are afraid to leave. I will be leaving its dreadful sister, Batavia, next year heading back south. Goodbye Buff, goodbye Batavia, GOOD RIDDANCE NEW YORK!!

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