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Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Insurance


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Tucson, AZ

- 9/16/2011
Mr Daniel F. Maloney, it's not fair to say the L.J.B.'s response to living in Tuscon means that he/she is miserable. L.J.B. provided us with a clearly written synopsis of their experience. I happen to agree. But I must say I do find people in Arizona to be incredibly judgemental. Move to a place like this and be ready for people to judge you on your career, home you own and car you drive. People who may not know anything about you will take the perogative and express their delusions. People in arizona are WAY to quick to judge. More often than not the people I've interacted with are "incredibly Miserable" and don't know any better than to take it out on the people around them. What frustrates me about arizona, is when you make a simple request of somebody to refrain from directing their sub-human behavior and they some how, in their twisted world, take it as a personal attack and respond with hostility. The level of cultural awareness is Arizona is next to nothing. I'm fine with people being unfriendly and distant, everybody has their own priorities, but it's the rudeness and arbitrary hostility that can only make me conclude an element of childishness and immaturity present in Arizona society that's on the level of being laughable.

Phoenix, AZ

re: Is a Phoenix a dumpster? YES! - 10/30/2010
- 8/22/2011
Since I've lived in Phoenix, I've attended 30 concerts (Celebrity theater, Ashley homestore pavillion, U S Airways, Jobing.com) and at almost every concert there has been fighting, people getting arrested for weapons. A few years ago, at Ozzfest (at ashley homstore pavillion, formerly Cricket), concertgoers forcefully brought down a huge canopy on a bunch of people who were sitting under it. Ambulances and the fire department everywhere. This was one of the most moronic experiences I have ever had at a concert. I've have gone to shows all over this country, easy over 500 and never have I witnessed such disregard for humanity. You can't expect people to behave like adults in a place like this.

Phoenix, AZ

What a pit!! - 8/22/2011
I moved out here with my girlfriend because she was accepted into graduate school at Arizona State. More often than not, people in Phoenix are total scrapers, barely getting by and more interested in finding the many manipulative ways to express sub-human, anti-social behavior. There is a level of laziness and hopelessness so prevalent in Phoenix, I found myself not taking anything people say seriously. I don't know what ruins my day more: dealing with the assortment of roaches, spiders, snakes, termites and scorpions or dealing with people in Phoenix. Arizona public schools offers the second lowest level of education in this country, and it shows. My career specializes in Information Technology which requires working with various companies. Jobs pay crap. I see accountants, finacial advisors and other professionals making far less here than they would in other cities, and have consistently heard this sentiment. I know a bugeting/projections advisor who normally made 60k-100K per year in other cities and is lucky with her 45K here in Phoenix. For the 5th largest city the night life is all but defunct. It's all malls and bars with a culture tied to drinking, lifted trucks, immaturity and just getting by. Lastly, this is the only place I've ever lived where you never know your neighbors. This is something that trully creeps me out. Save yourself the trouble and don't move here!!!

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