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Loveland, CO

Loved Loveland - 12/10/2014
I lived and taught in Loveland from 1993 to 2005. Moving from Fort Collins was concerning to me as Loveland was known to be much more conservative at the time. I was single, but not into nightclubs, bars, etc., so the lack of that wasn't a problem. Most people were quite friendly and I was more successful in making friends than I ever had been in Ft. Collins. If you want more to do, Loveland and Fort Collins are right next to each other. The park and lake, sculpture garden in Loveland is quite nice, although I would not recommend swimming in it. There is a lovely rec center, also with a park, and some excellent summer concerts. Loveland has grown immensely and housing prices are ridiculous now, as in any central/northern Colorado urban area. Despite the growth, it has maintained a small town feel. Beautiful Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are a short drive up the canyon. Many people boat and use the bike at Boyd Lake State Park, which is at the edge of town.

Highlands Ranch, CO

Affluent Community - 12/10/2014
When we moved here from Denver, about 2.5 yrs ago, I did note the affluence, lack of diversity (compared to Denver) and seeming Stepford Wives phenomenon. It is all about affluence. The cost of living is higher and people here seem to have money. There are HOAs, homeowners and community. A portion of the community HOA is to keep the four rec centers going, which are nice, but you still pay if you don't use them. You also have to pay for any classes you take at them. The community is very clean and well kept. We cannot afford to retire here. So between that and the intense sun and heat, from June through Sept., we will be moving on. We don't go to the Farmers Market or other events at the town center because it's just too hot. The weather is actually very warm here for about 6 mos out of the year on cloudless days, which is most of the time. If you like dry heat and lots of sun, you'll love it here, but bring plenty of money. The views of the mountains are nice. There is quite a brown cloud which you can often see hanging over Denver and the front range. If you have a family, money, and not concerned with wanting some diversity, it's a nice place. I'm trying not to be too negative or positive, just telling it as I see it.

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