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Danbury, CT

Brooklyn in Connecticut--Cool Danbury - 7/13/2017
If you are looking for a city, that you still get to New York City from, Danbury, with its funky, unique homes, vibrant foodie scene, super hip downtown library, plethora of authentic, mom-and-pop ethnic food stores and specialty markets, should be on your list.

When the kids get to the age of Kindergarten, parents want a town with school choice. No other town in a radius as close to New York City has such expansive and cool choices for education. Danbury has several public schools named CT "schools of distinction" but it also has a Montessori school; four parochial schools; a Lutheran school, two of Connecticut's top private schools--Wooster School and Immaculate High School, a huge homeschool community; a popular Tech school called Abbott Tech, an award winning magnet school on the grounds next to Connecticut Western Connecticut State University with its award winning theater arts school; low taxes, a hip downtown scene with concerts, food trucks, a farmers market, arts on the avenue, arts cultural center, YMCA arts program, spoken word venue, makerspace and more.

Then, just minutes away, one can be hiking through 700+ acres of one of the most gorgeous municipal reserves called Tarrywile Park or launching one's boat onto Candlewood Lake or hiking on a fabulous trail on Bear Mountain Reservation.

If you are looking for a super friendly town in Fairfield County, look no further.

Danbury is blessed with amazing churches, dozens of cultural centers where one can participate in the annual Irish Parade and get a shuttle bus--downtown to the amazing Irish Cultural center for authentic corn beef and cabbage, then a few days later, dance and enjoy Greek music and food at the Greek community's annual festival.

Danbury is like Astoria Queens. The pride of its people, the beat of the street, the food, the creativity, and the lowest average age of citizens in Fairfield County.

There is a great fashion and beauty and health and wellness scene here. Yoga studios are for everybody.
There are amazing D.O., Fairfield County's happiest Whole Foods, fantastic vegan and vegetarian restaurants, a great organic, health food store and lots of home owners who practice plot gardening in their generous size lots.

That's another great thing about Danbury. In no other town, both in Fairfield County as well as a radius of New York City can you get such an amazing lot and sized house.

It's perfect for families with three and four kids and families with millenials and sandwich generation families.

Dashing Danbury is the next "it" city. Tons of energy, positivity, an amazing Brazilian community, brilliant town government that is responsive, innovative and invested.

I wish I had found Danbury 10 years ago!

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