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Des Moines, IA

overpriced everything and unfriendly - 1/27/2018
The shock is housing prices here are comparable to bigger cities like Charlotte, Dallas act and should not be. Its a podunk area with no culture, great restaurant with any food with taste, and people are very unfriendly super judgmental and obnoxious. Lived here 5 years and have yet heard thank you, excuse me, hi or even a wave from neighbors. What they do is just stare at you like you an alien from mars. Maybe its something in there water system. I am used to other states where people talk with you not at you. If you do not agree with what someone says they jump down your neck. They think they are California and are all that but they have NO CLUE about real life, politics, being kind or even know what real art is. Its annoying and we can not wait to get out of here.

Mount Vernon, IA

CR - 11/4/2014
No culture or restaurants that have real food-not frozen, lower class people with no manners, angry and like to run you over with no thought in mind.

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