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Bellevue, WA

Extreme unfriendliness and passive-aggressive cult - 3/22/2016
Read what Wikipedia has to say about passive-aggressive behavior and you'll understand WA in general and Bellevue in particular. If you're a loner and want to stay that way, WA is for you. If, however, you want to make friends or even have a real conversation with someone, look somewhere else.
Do not believe the hype about the vibrant economy. I believe WA-based companies get a tax break for opening up job orders.
WA is more passive-aggressive and unfriendly than HI.

The weather in Fall, Spring, Winter is great. Summers are difficult... The daily highs aren't reached until 8 PM so, the weather forecasts always under-estimate how hot it really gets here. 100F at 8 PM is not pleasant.

Nashville-Davidson, TN

Not for singles or outdoor-sy types and, you NEED - 6/7/2012
You will be very lonely if you're single. Not very many professionals here compared to other cities. You must have a car. There are no sidewalks anywhere and you never see people outdoors. BTW, its one of the fattest cities in the US. Its very spread out so, getting around is an ordeal. Lots of fatal car accidents. The people, however, are very nice; friendly and kind. Not a place for those with allergies, into health food or outdoor activities. Women have that catty southern thing going on but, not as bad as Atlanta. Physically beautiful and has mild temps.

Washington, DC

JFK summed DC up best when he said... - 9/25/2011
"Washington DC has the warmth of the north (east) and the efficiencies of the south."

Good points: Well informed, generally intelligent populace. Lots of cultural things to do. A clean, charming city. Fairly good mass transit inside the city.

Not so good points: Not a friendly place. Lots of rude foreigners. Expensive. Horrible traffic. Very uncomfortable year round (below sea level.) Lots of anti-white discrimination. Toxic work environments. Forget about mass transit outside of DC.

Overall: A better place to visit than live.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thinking about moving to Fort Lauderdale...
- 12/30/2006
Hello, I am thinking about moving from San Francisco, CA. I have found that after 1 year, CA is NOT for me. I moved here from Honolulu and I have lived in other parts of the U.S. I have read some posts about the skyrocketing cost of living in Fort Lauderdale but, please know that this is all relative. I'm guessing that its less expensive than San Francisco (housing starts at $1 million) and cheaper than Honolulu but, I don't know if this is accurate, first hand.
What concerns me is that when I'm on job boards for Fort Lauderdale, salary info is rarely provided. I've heard that the economic indicators on this site are not very accurate. I deduce that this site gathers information that is provided to them and, trust that the info is correct.
I am also deducing, from other posters, that the salaries there are not commesurate with the cost of living. Is this the case?

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Sux
- 12/29/2006
Moved here after living all over the place. After 1 year, I wonder why I'm paying so much to live in this dirty city full of homeless people.
Californians are self-absorbed. They are very clickish and will only allow you into their world if you can be of benefit to them. A friend described the people here in the following scenario: He's moving this weekend, asks a California 'friend' to help. "Oh yeah, man, I'll be there!" Then, they never show up. If you're from the northeast or midwest and like quality people with good values, don't even think about moving to CA. Spineless users. There is a REASON that the divorce rate is 4x higher than the rest of the country's. Take 2 totally self-absorbed users and put them in the same room together.
SF? Sux, a small, backstabbing town resplent with small-town minds. The cost of living sux and we have one of the worst mass-transit systems in the U.S.
The weather? Do you think England has nice weather? If so, you'll like it here. Its always between 50-60F. You will need a coat, every MFing day of your life. Throw out your shorts, sandles, etc.
I think that the quality of life here sux. I thought, having lived all over, that I would dig CA. I was dead wrong. I am moving back to the east coast, a.s.a.p. I don't care if ppl are rude to my face - at least they're honest.

San Francisco, CA

Dirty, homeless everywhere, $!
- 12/20/2006
SF sux. I moved here a year ago and regret it. Racism here against Blacks is worse than the Dirty South. Constant sirens (more than NYC and Chgo) along with horror stories from those who have made 911 calls. This 'city' is full of gossipy, self-absorbed users. Values? What's that? I now understand why CA's divorce rate is 4x higher than the rest of the country's: 2 People trying to get it together when they both have an 'it's all about me' attitude.
CA is broken. A cool $1MM is the ave. for a home in/around SF? This city is as dirty as New Orleans, post Katrina. Homeless people everywhere! I've lived in several big (real) cities and SF has been a huge disappointment. Making plans to move out of broken CA. Good riddance.

Miami, FL

Thinking about moving to Miami
- 12/20/2006
I have lived in Chicago, Atlanta (Yuck!), Honolulu and now live in San Francisco. The average price of a home is 1,000,000+...no kidding. From reading these posts, it seems like Miami is relatively unscathed, so far, by the Chinese takeover.
San Francisco is VERY over rated. Racism? Blacks don't even have jobs here. High crime in Miami? You guys have cops? We have (constant) sirens but no observable police force. I now know why CA's divorce rate is 4x higher than the rest of the U.S.: People are extremely self-absorbed and only befriend another if they think that there is some way they can benefit from it. Why do I pay so much to live here? I loathe SF and CA.
I wish to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina some day and would like to learn Spanish. Only S. Florida is an option for me b/c I absolutely cannot live in the Dirty South again and, N. Florida is "Southern". How's the mass transit there? The bits I've read about 'low wages' is kind of creepy...

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