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I'm 26, from southern California and recently moved to Scottsdale. Very unhappy here. Worst. Decision. EVER.


Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
Enjoys: packing my suitcase and moving out of this dusty inferno


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Scottsdale, AZ

People here are trying WAY too hard. - 7/4/2014
It's funny this is on here because I moved here from SoCal recently and was thinking the same thing about the phoniness. It's like they are trying really hard to be like L.A but it's not working out. It's ironic because a lot of people in Scottsdale have an attitude, but don't have the credentials to back it. There are a lot of wannabes in L.A too, don't get me wrong, but you also have a lot of people in the entertainment industry, so you do have a lot of ACTUAL success there. The funny thing is that in L.A, the people tend to be a lot more easygoing and laid back. The attitude here is so much worse and for no good reason. It's like they're overcompensating for the fact that they're seriously lacking. It kind of makes me laugh in a way because I mean, here in Scottsdale - WHO are these people again? Yeah...no one.

P.S Hopefully this didn't post more than once. I've been having trouble with this site!

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